Weekend Comes & Goes

11:30 AM: 4-Mile Run with Jogger – COMPLETED

I recently told Pedro, “I can’t believe it’s almost Monday. I already can’t wait for Friday to get here!” He told me that’s sad that I’m wishing away the days. I mean, he knows it’s the truth, but still. I should really cherish the days instead of getting old too fast. He has a good point.

We had a fantastic weekend once again. I had a bit of a long one, actually. Friday, it did nothing but RAIN! Oh, what a nice day to be curled in bed. Yeah, that’s never happening with a baby kids. Lili did sleep in a bit and my niece arrived around a little after 7. When Lili woke up, we started our morning. I prepared breakfast, the kids played and then we worked on a project.


It’s like I have a little Pre-K going on in my living room. I saved empty tissue boxes so we could make mailboxes. TV was OFF and we put on the Disney station in the background.


Lili and I wrote her letters and put them in her mailbox. My sister said she was so excited that she had to bring it to dance class the next morning.

After project time, I tried to put the kids down to nap. They weren’t having it yet, so I got them up and they played for a bit longer. I prepared lunch and they ate well. FINALLY, it was time for a nap. My BIL picked up my niece after 2 hours of her nap and Lili woke up almost 3-hours later. P had some leftovers and then we just hung around.

Saturday morning, Lili and I were up early. I got a 2-mile run in and then my weights. We ate breakfast and decided not to go to her gym/music class (again) because we wanted to go pumpkin picking. We let Lili nap first and after an hour, we woke her up. It was kind of getting late already.




It really was such a beautiful day and I’m glad we spent it outdoors. After pumpkin picking, we had lunch at a diner then stopped at Target to pick up a few necessities. We want to carve the pumpkins so we needed the right tools. Also, P wanted new pillows and we needed strawberries. What a LONNNNNNNNG day, but we got a ton accomplished.

We got home, we hung out and did the usually evening routine. I laid out my running clothes because I was meeting Celeste in her neck of the woods for a 12-mile run. She was running 6 extra miles beforehand so it made more sense for me to meet at her place.

I got up at 7 with Lili and did what I needed to do. I left close to 7:50 and took a wrong turn which resulted in me getting to CC’s house later than I expected. Oh well… It worked out just fine. We had a strong run considering that she lives in a HILLY area. Holy cow. THE HILLS!!!!! I was happy that our pace was a 9:15 min/mi.


I suggested going up Hickory Drive, the street that she almost bought a house on. The incline was just crazy. Holy crap… But we did it and honestly, it put the other hills to shame (not to mention, it made the rest of the run seem like a piece of cake). Post-run, I went inside for a quick tour of her new home and then headed home. I stopped by our spot to pick up breakfast/lunch and then home to shower. I was so excited to see Lili. She took a fall that morning and had a bump on her chin. Nothing serious, but still… her real first fall. I hated leaving her…

I fed her, tried my best to put her down for a nap, but she wasn’t having it. So by 3:15, we headed over to the park to meet my girlfriend and her daughter.


The kids had too much fun. We decided to continue our fun by stopping at the fair down the street. We ran into my other girlfriend, Rachel, that had her set-up of headbands and jewelry. We fully supported her as she really is talented.


We really did have a ton of fun.


So much fun that we went food shopping together after. HA. We really made an afternoon out of it.

Oh, yeah, and I ran into another girlfriend of mine, Laura. We have been meaning to set up plans and never really got around to a solid date. Now that we saw each other, we have set something up.


After food shopping, I got home, put the groceries away, made dinner, and watched some football with this girl.


The cutest or what?

What fun things did you do this weekend? Races? Pumpkin/apple picking?

We had a fabulous day today too. I’ll have to post tomorrow. I’m fried. I need my BED.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Comes & Goes

  1. What a fun weekend! Isn’t it so hard to squeeze everything into just two days? LOVE your ‘classroom’ … adorable! And Lili’s football leggings are so cute! We spent the weekend in VT and I was so wiped yesterday that instead of posting during lunch, I sat my butt down and watched 1/2 an episode of project runway. Sue me, I was sooo tired! I just needed to zone out. Totally understand you being ‘fried’ !

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