The Hills are Alive… on Wyoming Ave

7:15 AM: Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 3 + KB Diversity (50%) – COMPLETED

11:40 AM: 4.5 Mile Hill Repeats (Avg. Pace 9:11 min/mi) – COMPLETED

Today’s run was the worst of all three runs this week. In my defense, I decided to tackle some hills. I mean, I should be somewhat prepared with hills knowing that NYC marathon starts off climbing the Verrazano Bridge.

NYC Marathon Verrazano Bridge


Also, let’s not forget about the Queensboro Bridge that everybody is warning me about.

Queensboro Bridge


I can’t complain about the average pace today being that it was so hilly and windy. I’m glad I wore my sunglasses otherwise, I’m sure I would have gotten some type of debris in my eyes.

Yesterday’s run was not as hilly, but definitely much flatter than today.

Now, if I could hold that pace for 26.2 miles, then I’d be on to something. HA. Like that could ever happen. Give me a year or two. I’ll be there!

On another note, it’s been weird not wearing my Garmin. I haven’t charged my new one yet (nor have I read the instruction manual…). I better get to it since I have a long run this coming weekend.

Anybody watching any sports? Did you see the Yankees make a comeback at the bottom of the 9th? How about some football? It’s Thirsty Thursday!!!! All I’m drinking is water. HA.


2 thoughts on “The Hills are Alive… on Wyoming Ave

    • I love you, Coach. My next marathon (or the one after the next one) is the one that you will train me to get to that marathon. I can’t be too ambitious now, can I?

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