7:00 AM: KB Kickboxing Diversity – COMPLETED

1:00 PM: 4-Mile Run (Avg. Pace 8:57 min/mi)- COMPLETED

I don’t CROSSFIT, but I know CF’ers have WODs. I’ve been using Lili’s board more than she’s been using it.


I also write down the “family dinner menu” every single night. There were $1.00 bottle beers and complimentary glass of wine with dinner. We both passed. HA.

So yes, there was a lot of lifting this weekend but not to get bulkier, rather for muscle endurance. WORD. I got my new workout in on Friday and so far, I am loving it. It’s such a great workout, you’re dripping and drenched in your sweat. I may not crossfit, but this feels pretty tough.

Kettlebell Kickboxing

While getting in my workouts, Pedro did watch Lili most of the time. Can you tell?

My Onesie is on the outside of my Pantalones.

Why her onesie is on the outside of her pants is beyond me. He blames the medication he’s on — YES, him and Lili are still awfully sick. Well, he’s finally feeling better and as for Lili, I feel like she’s getting worse again. 😦 Not happy.

But at least she’s still smiling when she sees the camera. 🙂 She really has been so affectionate. She gives you kisses and hugs. I love her. We ate pancakes and strawberries for breakfast the entire weekend.

Heart-Shaped Pancakes

Oh, did I mention that my niece, Scarlett, slept over on Friday night? Her and Lili are so great together.


We also celebrated my BIL’s birthday.

Uncle Johnny & Lili

Overall a wonderful weekend. And, an amazing hilly and fast lunch time run with some sad news that I’ll tell you about tomorrow. There’s something about the Nike app on my iPhone that makes me want to run faster. I’m not sure if it’s because it announces your average pace at each mile marker?!?

Do you play with your kids toys?

Do you use any running apps on your phone?


4 thoughts on “WO(R)D

  1. CF scares me. Like I may injury myself and never be able to run again. In fact, strength training as a whole scares me. All I want to do is run but I know ST is necessary. Luckily I like barre but that’s about as crazy as I get. Long way of saying I’m impressed that you do so much ST variety!

    I take it you didn’t run the 18-mile race?

    • Seriously, it is scary. I have a girlfriend that CF likes crazy. BUT she’s also a marathoner, including Boston. Her body is ripped in a good way. Like she doesn’t look bulkly looking but definitely strong.

      Honestly, I love running a lot more than strength, but I definitely feel like strength has helped me tone my arms out. I would have thought running would do that because damn, woman, your arms are nice.

      I have to shoot you an email. I need running advice from you.

  2. Hi Rachel! We’re so glad that you’re loving the Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series! Please update us on your progress and your thoughts about the workouts!

    Make sure you visit the Lifestyle page on our website to get the most out the workouts available on the KB Scorcher Series! We also have a huge Facebook and Twitter community so make sure you follow us!

    ps – Your baby girl is ADORABLE!

    • Thanks for stopping by Kat. It’s been a almost a week and I have done three of the four workouts thus far. I have to say, I am impressed with the workouts and I am drenched with sweat (whether it’s the 25-minute workout or the 40-minute workout). I found this new workout on Facebook’s Self page and I did become a “fan” of the actual website. I will visit the website. Thank you again!!!

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