Getting Insane

7:15 AM: Insanity Pure Cardio – COMPLETED

Happy Freaking Friday, Friends! Can you feel my excitement? At least this week, (for me) went by fast. It’s already 10:30 and I spent an hour on the phone with Courtney. We had some catching up to do and she needed to vent, vent and vent. It made me miss group run and I cannot wait to be back there in two weeks when I’m tapering away.

I had a late start with my workout this morning as Lili slept until 7. A sleepy baby means a sleepy mommy, at least for now. I’m changing my ways starting next week (or so that’s my goal. I need to get back to the 4:30am club!). I wasn’t sure what workout I wanted to do as the new workout I ordered did NOT come in yet. It does say “estimated delivery 10/05/12”. Yeah, that’s today. Lili helped me pick out a workout.

Lili: Get insane, mommy!”

If you’ve done Insanity before you’ll know that you’re drenched in sweat from just the warm-up! I love Insanity. It’s tough, but what a great workout.


I am trying to get back into tip-top shape. I was in the best shape of my life during the VT marathon. I was 15-lbs. lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight and a solid 100 lbs. I didn’t look too thin but definitely toned. For some reason, with this training, I’m 8-9 lbs. heavier, but still below my pre-pregnant weight. Did my eating habits change? I think a tad bit. I didn’t eat the greatest during my VT training. I really need to look back at my records.

Do you document your weight during training? What about nutrition? Do you compare your weight from one marathon training to another? I really need to do an entry on weight during and post-marathon training.

What’s your happy weight? Do you have an uh-oh weight?

My racing weight, (before I was married or had a baby) was 108-109. I never did think I’d be 100 lbs. BUT, I felt good and strong at 100. I felt lean and muscular.

I know when I need to start eating more healthy. It’s when my skinny jeans start to get too tight.

In any event, HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


2 thoughts on “Getting Insane

  1. Happy Friday. I’m totally jealous. 100lbs?!! Jeez woman. I haven’t been there since high school! I’m happy around 130. I’m almost there. Another 4-5lbs and I’ll be a happy camper. But aren’t those last few lbs the hardest!?! My ut-oh weight is when I look at my belly and think, ick!

    • Seriously, I think the last time I was 100 lbs. was when I was in middle school maybe going into high school. Who knows. I never really paid attention to weight around those years. Even in high school, I was probably always around 120. And at my heaviest — I was 146 and I never got to that when I was pregnant. In my defense, I am only 4’11 and 3/4. HA.

      And yes, I agree — the last 5-6 lbs. are always the hardest to lose. I’ve learned that if I want abs, it’s all about eating right and to be honest, I LOVE MY CARBS!!! LOL I don’t think I could live without it.

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