7:05 AM: 5-Mile Run (0.5-mile warm-up, 6×400 speed work, 2-mile tempo: Avg. Pace 8:00 min/mi) – COMPLETED

It is hard to believe that in the past I would wake up at 3:45am to go to the gym. I find it much harder these days with a baby that just can’t seem to get a “straight through the night” sleeping schedule. I am sure that there are ways to get around this and I will soon be regrouping and getting back to my old ways — I have a plan of attack here so I will let you know in two weeks how it goes.

And in case you didn’t know…

Holy NERVES!!!!

Is it really in a month?!? I feel like I just ran VT. Of course, I’m still a wee bit sick and that doesn’t help that the last week and change of my runs have been on the tread. I guess a tread run is better than no run. Today’s run was more physically than mentally tough for me.

5 miles

The first .5 was just my warm-up, but increasing it from 6.0 to 8.5, 9, 9.5 and 10. I was huffin’ and puffin’… oh, and there was some slight coughing sessions somewhere there. Lili was impatiently waiting for me to finish because she wanted to sit on the treadmill. She kept screaming at me and doing her new “screech” with a mean look. So I didn’t even have much time to cool down. I let her sit on the edge of the tread while I sat next to her dripped in sweat.

In world news, last night was the Presidential Debate. I don’t like to get all political up on this blog because I like to keep things light and fun. The only thing I have to say is I know who Lili is voting for.

Woah?!? Not Sesame Street.

Here at the Sanchez home, we are BIG, and I mean, BIG fans of Sesame Street. I think Lili might vote for Elmo.

That’s all I have to say about the Presidential Debate.

Did you watch the Presidential Debate? Do you watch Sesame Street? Do you remember Sesame Street being this funny when you were a kid?

I swear, I am dying of laughter half the time I watch this show. The only complaint I have is Abby. I’m not crazy about her.


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