It’s Not Fun Being Sick

6:00 AM: Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit – COMPLETED

There’s some good news and then there is some bad news. The good news is that Lili is pretty much okay. The other night, when she had a hard time sleeping, I said out loud, “I would do anything to be in her position if she could just be better!” Well, sure enough, I woke up yesterday with a 101.2 fever, body chills and aches, cough, headache, etc. I can’t smell nor taste anything. We woke up LATE (which very rarely happens) for her doctor’s appointment that was scheduled for 7am. I was able to reschedule her appointment from 7 to 8:30. I knew what that meant though; having to wait for at least an hour in the waiting room.

Lili’s 15-month appointment went well, aside from LOUD cries and screams from her. She is above-average with her weight and height, no fever, no diaper rash, no congestion, etc. She had her last 4 shots and won’t need anymore shots until she’s 4 years old. Now, that’s fantastic news. We didn’t leave the office until close to 10. Yes, an hour and a half later. She fell asleep in the car and was still asleep when we got home.

Post Doctor’s Appt.

She napped for about 2 hours and I was going to nap but the DayQuil was making me feel really good. I ended up folding three loads of laundry that have been in baskets and did another load that I left in the wash the other night. When Lili did wake up, we played, ate and I ran 3-miles and did the Lean Circuit 2 for Chalene. After, I prepared dinner; my mother-in-law’s vegetable soup.

Pedro got home around 6 and played with Lili while I finished cooking. We ate, I gave Lili a bath and then we tried putting her down. At this point, I was stuffed up to the max. I couldn’t blow my nose anymore and still I couldn’t breathe. It was HORRIBLE. I was due for a dose of NyQuil so I took it and it didn’t kick in until 45-minutes after. Thank goodness because I could NOT breathe for the life of me.

I woke up a little better than yesterday, but still more sick than better. On top of that, Pedro’s at his worst (or just acts like he’s at his worst. Men, they can never keep it together when they’re sick.). Lili still sounds better but sometimes I hear a cough from her and I don’t know if it’s a real cough or “hey mommy, I’m pretending to be just like you!” cough.

Of course, I was running late this morning. Back to the grind after what was supposed to be a lovely day off. Lili doesn’t help one bit when I’m in a rush.

Just 7-more hours to go. Let’s see if I make it through the day.

Do you go to work sick?


6 thoughts on “It’s Not Fun Being Sick

  1. Ugh I think EVERYONE is sick. Avery & Hubby have a cough and runny nose… guess it’s just the time of year. I hope you guys feel better. Lili looks adorable in her chair with the remote…haha. As for work, I usually work when I’m sick so I can save the sick days for Avery.

    • I am hoping that they send me home early — like in an hour. I don’t know how much of it I can take. Hope your husband and Avery get well soon AND that you don’t catch anything.

      We don’t really get a certain amount of sick days and/or vacation days. There are only 4 of us here: two attorneys and two paralegals. So I coordinate my dates with the other Paralegal and vice versa. She’s taken about 8-weeks vacation/sick already (paid). So I’m trying to catch up. I think I’m at 4-weeks so I’m taking 2-weeks in October and last week in December. And if I have days that I need to take for Lili, they’re pretty lenient and laxed just as long as someone is here.

      • well I hope you get to go home and rest – the best medicine for a cold…. but that’s tough with a little one. So if your parents/in-laws can keep Lili for a bit maybe you can get in a nice long nap? Feel better 🙂
        We don’t have ‘vacation’ days either… all time off is the same so if I take more sick days for Avery (like I did earlier in the year) that leaves only a couple days left for my own sick days or vacations.

        Anything fun planned for your time off next month?!

      • I think I’ll be doing a lot of cleaning, putting Lili’s clothes away, putting our clothes away, organizing, donating, etc. We may take a few trips here and there. We might go to Boston so perhaps we can meet up?!? D.C. is also another choice. I mean, everything is very dependent on our “budget”. LOL You know how that goes.

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