Nike Plus App v. Garmin 305

11:00 AM: 6.06-Mile Run (Avg. Pace 9:23 min/mi) – COMPLETED

Today, I decided to upload the Nike Plus App on my iPhone. Why I never uploaded it before? I think it was because I thought you needed a chip in your shoe, but that was for the old iPods, right? Anyhow, I decided to give it a try today, but with my Garmin on. (SHHH… Pedro bought me the Garmin 405 for my 31st birthday and um, yeah, I’ve used it only once… and yes, he will be mega angry at me!). So, here’s how it turned out.

Nike Plus v. Garmin

It came out a bit short, but I know where the discrepancy lies.

Pros on Nike Plus App:

-Every mile it talks to you and tells you your pace.
-Nice map with elevations with the route you took — nice and colorful with best pace and worst slowest pace.
-Option to play music (I used Jango).
-Stats are right there for you as soon as you’re done. Garmin is cool, but to see the full effect of it, you have to plug it in to the computer.

Cons on Nike Plus App:

-Doesn’t pause if you stop at a light like the Garmin does. (Unless there’s something I don’t know about it).
-I run with it in my spibelt so it’s not easy for me to access. I’d have to stop and unzip it, etc.

Other than that, I like it. I’m not sure if there’s an option for it to pause if you stop, let’s say at a light. I haven’t really explored the app to its fullest, but I will have to do that so I can use all available options it has.

I am finally feeling the strongest I’ve felt with my runs, post-pregnancy. Is that sad? I mean, it’ll be 15-months and I’m just feeling good? I don’t think I pushed myself to my limits and I’m finally feeling comfortable with pushing it. Maybe I’m just too hard on myself. Lots of races lined up though. Next weekend I’m running my first 25k race and the following weekend it’s an 18-mile race. Then it’s taper, taper, taper.

On some non-running news, the family is doing wonderful. My cousin from Germany is visiting so we’ve been spending some time with her. My in-laws left for Spain and we miss them dearly already. Since they’re gone for a month and a half, I’ve asked Pedro to only speak Spanish to her and I started reading her only in Spanish at bedtime. We’re reading this book.

Hombrecitos (The Equivalent to Little Women).

For the most part, my accent is dead on, but sometimes, I don’t say a word right because of the accent mark. P has been pretty helpful. It doesn’t mean I understand every single word I’m reading. I often ask P what a sentence means.

I was happy to drop off Lili just in time as I saw my mom and Scarlett going for a walk.

Off for a walk.

Now there’s the Little Women.

Do you run with an app on your phone or do you stick to the watch; Perhaps you use both? I’ll use it for the 20-mile run so I can see the stats again.

Do you speak another language at home? I would love for Lili to be trilingual, but if she ends up bilingual, that would work too.


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