The Race Schedule

6:45 AM: Chalean Extreme Push Circuit 2 – COMPLETED

I’ve.Been.Busy! Actually, work’s been crazy busy. I had such a horrendous day at work yesterday. I’m so looking forward to the weekend already. Pedro says that’s the saddest thing ever. Wishing the days away. Sad or not sad, I really don’t care. I look forward to spending time with the family.

I have a busy Fall Race Schedule coming up:

09.01.12: 5k Color Run
09.08.12: 5k Cross Country (with my running group)
09.30.12: Steeplechase Distance Run 25k
10.07.12 LBI 18-Mile Run
11.04.12: NYC ING Marathon

Thank goodness my sister is running the Marine Corp Marathon. She’s a week before me so our training schedule is pretty similar. It would be hard having to do those long runs alone. Courtney and Emma said they’d run some of the long runs with me too. So it’s good to know that I am surrounded by great running friends.

On another note, a year ago today, this is what was going on.

Namaste Ladies.

Today, she’s practically a runner.

Slooooooow downnnnnn!

Thankfully, work has slowed down a bit… Let’s hope it stays that way. I celebrated by having a gourmet lunch.

It’s what happens when you work in a high net-worth city. The food’s expensive, but the big wigs pay.

And, an old friend was in the neighborhood. Her appointment was downstairs from my job. I haven’t seen this woman in two years. I get to see her TWICE in one week. (Today and she’s running the Color Run with Team Red Hot Chili Pals. Yes, that’s our team name!).

So lovely running into her. She was once tangled in an ugly relationship and then found the man of her dreams. They wed shortly after dating on 08.08.08 and I’ve never seen her so incredibly happy, even four years later. Awwww…

Okay, it’s almost closing time and then we’ll be half-way through the week. Hooray.

What do you do after having a bad day at work? I vented to two close friends and then to my husband. Honestly, though, all my troubles went away as soon as I saw Lili’s face. She really knows how to get rid of those bad moods.


3 thoughts on “The Race Schedule

    • Oh, bottle of red, bottle of white… I haven’t had beer in awhile… In fact, I think I haven’t had one since pre-pregnancy. WOAH. That’s two years ago.

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