Tornado at my Desk

7:00 AM: 6×400 (26-minutes) 3-2-Mile Run – COMPLETED

7:35 AM: Chalean Extreme Burn it Off – COMPLETED

I was so close to not getting my run in this morning, in fact, I had to cut it short. I was scheduled to run 10×400, but while I was on the fourth quarter-mile sprint, I smelled someone make a dookie in her pamper. I just couldn’t let her sit in it for 4 more repeats. I hopped off and called it quits after I was drenched from head to toe. I changed Lili and then finished up the last day of week 4, phase circuit. I am thinking that I might do more speed work tomorrow since it was really cut short today.

Runners, what are your thoughts? Is it terrible to do two speed workouts in one week? My long run is Saturday and is 10-miles long. Not too bad.

Non-Running/Workout News: It’s been crazy busy at work. I couldn’t believe that it was already 5:10 when I was rushing out the office. Lili had swim and I barely make it in time. With my co-worker out of the office, both attorneys are taking their turn with me.

Wait?!? What am I working on?

I was in the middle of probating a husband and wife’s Will when the big wig needed me to do a Contract of Sale. Unfortunately, my desk still looks like Ground Zero and I’m just taking a little bit of a breather.

After work, I rushed to swim and then saw my niece and nephew at the in-laws. They were so disappointed that I had to rush out so I told them if they were sleeping over, I’d take them out for desserts. Of course, their original plans were to go home but knowing that I would take them out, they asked their mom if they could sleep over. So, post swim, I rushed home, gave Lili a bath, I took a shower, Pedro was still playing basketball, I fed Lili, I put her to bed, Pedro got home and showered while I made his dinner. An hour and a half later, I was out the door and at my in-laws again.

The kids were WIRED and ready to have fun. I was excited to take them to my favorite coffee shop. I brought my Dominos with me and I knew they had other games there too.

“To Be, or Not to Be?”

The kids kept thanking me for taking them out, but I told them they didn’t have to thank me. I wanted to see them. My one favorite line from Julian was, “Rachel, I love you. You’re my aunt!”

I had the kids home at 10:30. My MIL said it was a special night so they could stay out a bit later. I got home closer to 10:45. Unfortunately, Pedro was the babysitter so he stayed home with Lili. I’m glad I spent time with them, and I needed the night out after the day I had.

On another note, my hair is growing and in that stage of, “I’m not loving it!” I don’t want to cut it though as I prefer my hair longer in the Fall. Should I grow or cut?

I’m also growing out my bangs, hence the pins. I’m done with the bangs.

How often do you get a trim? Do you do new hair-dos for each season?

Should I do a speed workout tomorrow?


7 thoughts on “Tornado at my Desk

  1. First, I think you hair still looks great! But, if you like it longer, try to get through this stage and then get a trim when it is a bit longer. I usually trim mine every 8-12 weeks, depending on my mood. Mine is now a couple of inches below my shoulders and I am very happy with it. My bangs need help, though. They are so annoying! But, I don’t look good without any bangs so I have to deal with them.

    I’m not an experience runner but I think you will be ok doing another speed workout tomorrow. You are a strong runner and I am sure you will be just fine.

    It looks like you and the kids had a ton of fun adn Julian sounds so adorable. What a sweet thing to say. I think it is wonderful that they kept thanking you! Too sweet.

    I hope work is slowing down a bit so you can get out to see Lili. I’m leaving early today…in about an hour and a half so I can’t wait! I had so much fun with Cayden at lunch. I am going to miss getting to go home and see him at lunch when he goes back to Montessori next week. 😦

    Take care, kisses to Lili, and tell the bosses to leave you alone for a while! LOL

  2. grow it but u will have to go thru ugly hair stage for a while. until it’s way past your shoulders it will do a stupid flip thing for the longest time. in the meantime get trims even tho they’re costly to keep your hair healthy and to keep you from wanting to chop it off. i got a 1/2 inch trim and it saved my world. i wanted to hack my hair off cuz it was so dry and nasty.

  3. Haha, your desk picture is great! Your hair looks nice too – I hate that in-between stage where it’s grown from ‘short’ but not quite ‘long’ yet. I agree on the bangs… I look great with bangs – but they are just NOT PRACTICAL! I always end up sweeping them to the side….

    • Girl, it was a crazy last few days at work. I’m so glad the big boss is now in Scotland for two lovely weeks. Ahhhh. I hope I can relax a bit. I’ve already taken a day off next week. HAHA

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