These Shoes Aren’t Made For Walking…

7:15 AM: Body By Glam (Upper & Lower Body Weights)- COMPLETED

Do you own a pair of shoes that you absolutely love but don’t wear often because they’re annoying to walk in? My white Anne Klein shoes are a favorite from ’06 and I get a ton of compliments when I wear them, but the slingbacks keeping slipping off. It’s annoying having to stop in my tracks every so often to adjust them. It’s like a wedgie that you just can’t seem to pull!

Every single time I wear them, I say, “This is it! I’ve had it with these white Anne Klein Slingback Shoes!” (Picture Samuel L. Jackson in Snakes on a Plane saying this line.). And yet, here I am… wearing them once again.

After putting Lili down to sleep, I slipped out of the house to meet my gals for some dinner at our favorite place, Van Goh’s Ear.

I love Us

It’s always fun seeing these girls.

I am thrilled that the weekend is here. Plans? Seeing some friends, a 15-mile run, lots of activities for Lili and hopefully we will be making it out to cheer on our friend, Kristy, who is running an ultra this Sunday!!! I’m so excited for you.

I’m just about done writing out my food shopping list. I have a hot date with laundry.

When do you do your food shopping? Do you prepare foods for the week? We’re on Day Numero 5 of the real food challenge. P has lost 6 lbs. so far. I’ll keep you posted on whether we stick to it this weekend.


6 thoughts on “These Shoes Aren’t Made For Walking…

  1. Love your shoes! I have a couple pair of uncomfy dress shoes, but since I sit at a desk all day, I kick them off when I’m at my computer (shhh! don’t tell!). But as soon as I’m home I slip on the flip flops. Sooo much more comfortable!

    As for food shopping, we go every 2-3 weeks on a weekend. We all go together and it’s a fun outing. I would LOVE to prepare food for the week on the weekend, but never find the time. I’m no gourmet cook, because most dinners can take 20-30 minutes to make, so that fits our schedule.

    Congrats on the 6lbs, P! Keep it up and don’t let Rachel show you where she hides the chocolate chips…

    • Girl, I brought my flip-flops for when it’s time to get outta here. 🙂 (which I’m hoping is any minute now!). And, I take my shoes off at work all the time. Sometimes, if it’s just us gals here, I’ll walk around with no shoes. I also keep a few pairs of flats under my desk in case I decide to walk over to the Trader Joe’s. Gotta be prepared.

      Oh, if we had an x-ray machine at home, P would see right where the chocolate chips are kept. HA!!!

  2. those shoes look like torture! i wouldn’t be able to fit my flat, fat feet into them!

    thanks for the shout out! i hope to see you and lili (btw, the race officials never got back to me whether it was OK for you to run with me or not…but seeing you have a 15-mile run, that’s not an issue anymore!). if you can’t make it, no worries…nothing like meeting someone IRL when running 31 miles 🙂

    • I’m sorry we didn’t make it out, but I saw that you placed 3rd! You are amazing woman. I can’t wait to see what’s next on your list.

  3. I don’t keep shoes that hurt my feet no matter how good they look. LOL I’m not big into shoes anyway. I like boots but not shoes. Those are very cute, though, but I don’t know how you wear them. haha

    I know you ended up having a great weekend so I will wait for your post about that! Oh, and an ultra is 31 miles?!?! That is a LONG LONG way to run! Wow!


    • Those particular shoes don’t actually hurt my feet; they’re more annoying in the sense that the sling backs won’t stay on!!! Grrr… So I don’t wear them often. Only when they go perfectly with an outfit that I really want to wear. Oh, as soon as it was time to go home, I immediately put my flip-flops on. HA.

      I can’t wait for FALL and BOOTS!!! Hooray. I want a new pair. I haven’t bought one in a LONNNNNNG time so hopefully this season I will buy a pair.

      You should get my package this week. I sent it this weekend. 🙂

      Kisses to Cayden.

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