How We Roll

6:30 AM: Chalene Extreme Burn Circuit 3 – COMPLETED

12:00 PM: Run – COMPLETED

First & foremost, congratulations to my Uncle on his wedding. We were teasing him all day telling him, “Fourth times a Charm!”

Happy Wedding

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!!!!

Also, a big Congratulations to my girlfriend, Keyri, on her wedding to Edwin. Oh, she looked absolutely beautiful and I’m so disappointed that I missed her big day. Looking at her pictures, she just looked stunning!

My uncle had a very intimate wedding. It wasn’t a huge deal and he didn’t want it to be a big deal. We didn’t get home too late so after Lili’s bath, we did some arts & crafts. I was trying to tire out the child so she’d sleep the whole night.

Let’s COLOR!!!!

After she went down, I did some laundry (but Meghan, I still have 4 more to go).

Saturday, we got up so I could run and workout. Then I made all of us breakfast followed by getting Lili ready to head over to her gym/music class. They were finishing up the Olympics so Lili was able to get some trampoline, rowing, gymnastics and equestrian in.

Trampoline & Rowing

Double Equestrian

She met a friend, Ava. She was cute as a button. Lili had so much fun.

We walked around town before heading home. Pedro wanted to get new strings for his guitar and we stopped by this record shop. Lili was exhausted so she took a THREE hour nap. I needed some down-time myself.

Late on Saturday, P and I got to talking about how he really is hating his diet and what he puts in his body. We read up on some things and decided to do a 10-day challenge of eating only real foods. We’re going to try to stick to it as much as possible. So we sat there compiling a grocery list and weekly meal plan. It’s going to be tough for him but I’m ready and willing to help him.

Sunday, Lili and I up and headed to the grocery store.

Grocery Shopping Made Fun

My little helper was having too much fun.

Backing up.

Lili had a blast. Usually towards the end she gets a bit fussy. We came home with so many clean foods (veggies and fruits).

Real Food Challenge Take 1

After I got back, I had to stop and pick something up at my in-laws and while I was there my MIL gave me her famous Spanish Vegetable Recipe (which I will gladly share with all of you). It’s the only way Pedro will eat his cauliflower, cabbage, leeks, celery and carrots. It’s delicious!!!! When I got back, I put some things away and then we all went out for an hour long walk. Then Lili took a nap and I started cooking.

It’s really going to be challenging for both of us because I feel so responsible. I need to make sure he eats throughout the day and that it’s all healthy foods. I’m following the challenge with him.

Do you and your significant other eat the same meals? I used to make two dinners when I was super healthy. I learned to just eat his foods in moderation/portion control.

Lili and I woke up this morning happy as can be and ready to work out.

Let’s go, Mama.

And can I get a new, LONGER mat?

Child’s Pose

Best workout Partners.

Okay, well, I gotta run. No really, I’m running on my lunch break. I’m hoping I beat the heat and there’s a breeze. Sorry for the overload on pictures. It was yet another great weekend.


8 thoughts on “How We Roll

  1. I’m so happy you had such a wonderful weekend! Lili looks like she had a blast at gymboree and had fun driving the cart at the grocery store. Too cute!

    I hope you and Pedro both enjoy the real food challenge. I can say I feel so much better when I stick to eating real food. It is amazing! I have been making a lot of the recipes on the Real Food blog and so far, they have all been fantastic! I hope you enjoy it too. And I can’t wait to get the Spanish Vegetable Soup recipe!

    Take care and kisses to Lili! She looks so cute next to you in the last pic. Beautiful mommy and daughter!

    • Well, I have YOU to thank with the real food challenge. I would never have gone through it without your recommendation. Seriously, I’ve seen the other diets out there and honestly, I feel like the real food challenge is more a lifestyle than all the other fads that are out. (I can’t stand that some of them don’t want you eating carbs or beans, etc. Eating real foods is something that just sounds right. I can eat my carbs still just as long as it’s not WHITE — and YOU know I love brown rice and whole wheat anything!).

      Let’s see how far I get — though I’ve been good so far so why ruin a good thing. 🙂

  2. Only 4 loads left? Haha. I did two loads last night – STILL need to fold them and I only have one flight of stairs to walk down… 🙂 Love the pics and recap… Lili’s excitement to color just bursts out of the picture haha. She is adorable as always.

    The hubby and I eat the same meal. He’ll eat anything I make him. As long as he doesn’t have to cook he’s happy, haha.

    • Can you believe I still haven’t done a load of laundry since this post? I’ve been too tired.

      Ahh, I wish that were the same in my house as far as food, but yeah, I knew that getting into this relationship that food is very important to him. So I took it into my own hands to learn a lot of recipes from his mother. It worked out well too because I was never a big cook until we got together. Mainly because I never lived on my own until I met my husband. LOL

      Hope the furniture hunt is going well!! I can’t wait to see what you’ve snagged.

      • How did learning from your MIL go? My MIL showed me an indian dish or two one weekend but they are SOOO complicated. I couldn’t repeat them without her help if I tried! Does your hubby like your food or does he compare it to his mom’s?

      • Meghan: I don’t know how I missed this comment. I learn so much better from watching. It’s almost as if you’re cooking it yourself and then when you go to cook it by yourself, you remember things!!! She’s also good at giving instructions. I’ve cooked a few of her recipes by just instructions and they come out really good. He LOVES it and always gives me positive reinforcement. When we first were together and I started cooking, he wasn’t always positive. BUT I’m so sensitive that he learned to be more nice about it; i.e. It’s definitely good, but maybe next time just a little bit more water — otherwise, it’s perfect.

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