6:00 AM: Chalene Extreme Burn it Off – COMPLETED

7:00 AM: 6×400 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

I just finished up the second week of Chalene’s Extreme program and I am loving every second of it. I needed heavier weights, so I made a small purchase yesterday. The weights I really want are the weights that are in the video, but my girlfriend, Kari, told me that they are $350. I’m not sure I can justify spending that much money on them, yet. I could get Allie’s weights, too, which are half that price. I will shop around. My girlfriend pointed out to me that I work out a lot at home, so in the end, whether I spend $150 or $350 it will be well worth the money spent.

While I was out, I treated myself to Starbucks.

Iced-Mocha Lite, Please!

I very, rarely, spend money on coffee. I just make coffee at home and/or have a cup at work. $3 plus change?!? It’s about $15 savings if I were to buy it for the work-week.

Today, I was able to squeeze my speed-work session in after I made Lili’s breakfast. She had an omelette with fruits. I sat her in her high chair next to my treadmill so she could watch me. Occasionally, I had to jump off on my cool-down to help feed her. Sometimes she doesn’t mind that I work out, and others, she is too needy and doesn’t want me working out! I’m picturing how this would go when I have two little munchkins. How will I train? Workout? Weight train? Keep my sanity? I guess we just learn to adapt to a new life. I am banking on a new career path and hopefully that will happen very, very soon. More on that another day.

In other news, I’ve scheduled an appointment to look at my dream house. I know I’ve emailed it to some of you and even though we’re not 100% we could buy, it’s just SUCH a perfect house for us. It’s in the area I want to raise my kids, it has four bedrooms, a beautiful HUGE RENOVATED kitchen with TWO ovens (because we all know I love to cook), and it’s in our price range. More importantly, it’s the first house that I emailed Pedro and that he responded back to me that he loves. So, I’m just going to look. I’m always looking but this is the first time that I actually found something I absolutely love. Close to both of our parents and the property taxes are $5,000+ less than what we pay now! Come on… what’s not to love? I need to buy this house. My mom and mother-in-law keep pushing me to look at it, so I finally decided to talk to the realtor. The good news I already have representation and I could prepare my own closing documents. At least that’s one less thing to worry about.

So, wish us luck!!! I have so many great things happening in my life right now, so if it doesn’t go our way, it’s okay. But, to add a new home, now that would be great.

Are you living in your dream house right now? I knew this for sure. The next house we move into is the last and final house we’re living in!!! I hate moving.


3 thoughts on “Balancing

  1. I’m enjoying Chalene Extreme too and I’m so glad you recommended it to me! I have even used up to my 25 lbs weights for some of her moves. Love it! I hope you can get some adjustable weights for Christmas. They are totally worth the money. šŸ™‚

    I have actually stopped going to Starbucks. The last several times I went (way back in February), I kept getting sick to my stomach so I stopped going. My coffee at home doesn’t make me sick so it must be something in theirs that is the problem. Oh well. Saves me money and calories. LOL I do hope you enjoyed yours, though!

    I can’t imagine adapting to life with two babies but I couldn’t imagine having one before I had Cayden. Like you said, we find a way to adapt as our lives change. You will find a way to do everything with more than one child. Plus, if things work out the way you hope, things will be easier.

    I REALLY hope you can find a way to buy your house. I know you love it so much! It really does look perfect for you. I really do like our house although Justin would like a bigger garage and a little more room in our bathroom. I would like a dog door for the pups. LOL Overall, I am very happy with it and like you, I HATE MOVING so I won’t do it again unless something amazing and PERFECT comes along. LOL

    Have a lovely rest of the day and kisses to Lili!

    • From your pictures that you send me and that I’ve seen in your kodak gallery, it is the perfect house for you guys! I think the pups are happy and it’s so spacious. Also, I love, love love your kitchen. I know I’ve told you that already. I would LOVE a renovated and beautiful kitchen since I’m always cooking/baking. The basement is unfinished, but if that’s the case, it’s one of the things we could work on. Especially since I only plan on moving once. (I’m talking as if I already purchased the house, but everyone I’ve sent it to you have told me it’s so me and I need to buy NOW!!!!). I won’t get too excited though.. not yet at least. Who knows, it could totally be a money pit house. right?

      You’re right…we adapt to the changes and more importantly, YOU and I both know how much being healthy, fit and working out is to us, so we’d make it a priority in our schedule (even if it meant having to wake up at odd hours to get it in, we would do it).

      I keep saying this, but i can’t wait to get the KB workout. I think I might wait another week to purchase it though.

      Kisses to Cayden and hope you have a wonderful weekend. I know your in-laws are in for the next two weeks so that will be a lot of fun.

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