Why I Ran Late.

6:00 AM: Chalene’s Extreme Lean Intervals + Ab Burner – COMPLETED

7:00 PM: Westfield’s 5k Pizza Run – COMPLETED

First things first, I am feeling great with my legs so I am going to run this 5k and run it like hell. My goal is to beat my last time, which is 25:01. I would really love anything under 25. I’m still waiting to hear from some friends about the course. I hope it’s more flat with maybe some rolling hills — like 1. HA. AND I hope it’s not like last Thursday’s race with crazy hills.

I ran late this morning because I didn’t lay out my race clothes last night. Yes, this meant I had to “try” out what I was going to wear. HA. Then find my other things, i.e. Garmin, belt, shoes, etc. Of course my Garmin wasn’t charged so I had to just grab everything.

What a mess. At least the Garmin’s fully charged.

Lili fell asleep right before we had to leave. It’s the second time she’s done that and I hate when it happens because she’s so tired and then can’t go back to sleep. Oh well. When I got to my parents’ house it was already 8:33. Ugh. I usually leave around 8:40. So I went in and gave them the updates and of course my niece, Scarlett begs me to play. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time. She did give me a picture she made and I told her I’d hang it right up at my desk.

Such a cutie.

When I checked to see the time, I realized how much of a rush I’d been in.

Huh?!? What time is it?

Yeah, my watch is upside down. Whoops. What a mess; what a mess!

Okay, well, wish me luck on my race and goals. OH, and that I make it to the start line ahead of time. Last Thursday’s race was so stressful.

What makes you run late in the morning?!? Pre-baby I used to be able to run errands galore before work. It never happens now.


6 thoughts on “Why I Ran Late.

  1. LOL Babies and their unpredictability is what makes us run late! Oh, that and the MILLION things we have to do in the morning along with getting our babies ready. Haha.

    Good luck on your 5K and I am sure you will break 25. Sorry you were in such a rush earlier but I am sure this race will be better than the one on Thursday! Take care, take care of your shins, and run, run, run!!!

    XOXO and kisses to Lili!

    • Thanks, Allie! My shins are in tip top shape. Thank goodness. :o) I thought of you during the race… the whole time I was like, “Oh, I don’t think I can break my time… I am going much slower.” Or so that’s what it felt like, but nope… just a few seconds faster. I’ll take it.


      PS, did you see this new workout that came out (or maybe I am behind). It’s with kettlebells. http://www.kettlebellkickboxing.com/

      • Sounds like you did amazing! Way to go!

        I did not see that new workout but I think you just sold me on it! I just read the website and it sounds fantastic! I like my kettlebells but there really aren’t that many good DVD workouts for it. This one sounds perfect…it is $59.95 not not too horrible. I may have to get it…I am so addicted to new workouts. LOL Thanks for telling me about it!

      • HAHAH. I knew you were going to LOVE it!!!! I saw it and immediately thought, “OH this is a workout Allie and can do since we have and like KB!” I haven’t used my KB in so long though. I’ll definitely need to get back into it. YAY.

    • THANKS GIRL! I killed it by 10-seconds and I did noticed my breathing was more controlled. I need to seriously work on my speed.

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