I’ve been Pinned

5:50 AM: 4-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Yesterday, I was checking out my stats and somebody happened to visit me via pinterest. I thought it was from the apple pie recipe that I found on their site, but it was actually from this post.

40 weeks pregnant v. 40-weeks post-pregnant

How cool is that?!? I was a bit shocked, but I guess you can pretty much find anything on Pinterest.

On another note, my right eye has been bothersome (ugh!). I’ve ordered new contacts and I’m waiting for them to come in. So I took the liberty and registered for the 5k tomorrow. I was checking out the site and if you want to register at the race, you have to do so after 5:15. I do not want to experience what I did last Thursday, so I bit the bullet and paid for it. Again, I’ll see how I feel tomorrow. For the most part, it “says” that the course is flat with a few rolling hills. I can’t imagine it being more hilly than the 5k last Thursday.

I leave you with this — a picture that my dad posted on Facebook yesterday of Lili.

Please Pop-Pop! I need some privacy here… and a magazine if you’ve got one.

DISCLAIMER: My 13-month old is NOT really potty-trained, though it would be nice if she was so I didn’t have to spend the money on diapers.

If you have babies, how old were they when they got potty-trained? When do we start training our babies?!?

Have you ever registered for a race and not run it?!?


6 thoughts on “I’ve been Pinned

  1. This is just what I needed to see the morning. I am 34 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby and so determined to work on getting my body in shape as soon as I get the chance to move. (I’m on bed rest now so limited movement for me). Anyway, your little one is adorable. Mine is 15 months. I totally wish she was potty trained to but they will be in due time!

    • Ohhhh, how exciting on baby #2. Congratulations!!! You’re almost there!!!!! Do you know what you’re having?!? I love that they’ll be so close in age. 🙂

      And I think with two babies, you’ll easily be able to get back into shape. I know, people think it’ll be harder, but you’ll be chasing baby #1 around while holding baby #2 — that’s your cardio w/ light weights for about 8-hours a day.

  2. How funny that pic was pinned! LOL I still have to say your stomach is amazing. Wow!

    I have never registered and paid for a race I didn’t run but then again, I haven’t done that many races. Haha. I figure if I paid for it, I should run. That’s the “try not to waste money” part of me. But, you just have to see how it goes…anything can change when you have a baby!

    Speaking of, Lili is so darn cute! They have been sitting Cayden on the potty at the Montessori and last night, he wanted to sit on the potty at home. Works for me! He is not potty trained but at least he is starting to get the idea. Everyone I know says most girls are potty trained around 2ish (give or take) and boys tend to take longer and be closer to 2 1/2 or 3. But, every child is different so it’s hard to say. I don’t know…I’ve never potty trained a child and we are just now starting to figure it out bit by bit.

    Kisses to Lili!

    • Oh, Allie — lately, my abs have NOT been feeling that hot. The joys of post-marathon.

      I 100% agree with you. Every baby is different. In fact, I just got my weekly update from Babycenter. It says that after the first year, every baby will reach milestones at different times. 🙂 Lili’s new milestone is being a diva. HAHAHAH. She’s definitely at the stage where she’s mimicking everything. When she coughs uncontrollably, she’ll pat her chest with her hands. It’s the cutest thing ever. Then she’ll make this “ahem” sound. She’s a little person.

      Kisses to Cayden!!!

  3. Haha, adorable caption with Lili’s potty-pic! You’ll be potty training before us so I look forward to reading about your experiences 🙂

  4. LOL I can just see her coughing and then patting her chest and saying “ahem.” Isn’t it hilarious what they pick up? Sometimes Cayden will do something and I just think–wow, where did he come up with that???

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