A Change of Plans

6:15 AM: Chalene Extreme Fat Burning + Turbo Fire Abs – COMPLETED

7:30 PM: Verizon Corporate Classic 5k – PENDING

I left work an hour early yesterday and headed to my in-laws to scoop up Lili. She was sleeping when I got there but slowly waking up. Unfortunately, she woke up in a BAD mood. I mean, she was super cranky. I had to carry her and calm her down. She was not happy. On top of that, the sky turned dark and a storm was heading our way.

The Storm


We decided a cranky, unhappy baby + a storm = no swim. I ended up just hanging out with Sabrina and eating dinner with her. It was nice. We got to catch up on girl things (even though we did just have a sleepover) and life. She wasn’t too hungry yet because she ate some of the cookies that her and I baked together on Friday night. I dug into my in-laws fridge and had a turkey cutlet with some rice. I also took out some crackers and we decided to take out some cheese and chorizo.

Cheese & Crackers with Chorizo = Perfection

And Sab modeling the cheese with a “cheese” smile.


Lili and I finally headed out once the storm was gone, which was 6:30ish. What a long day.

Tonight I’m running the Verizon Corporate Classic 5k. It’s sold out with about 4,000 runners. For some reason I have nerves. I hate nerves. Also, I don’t do races after work, ever. I did only once. If you recall, I was 38-weeks pregnant and it was my 31st birthday.

Here’s the course.

Our strategy: Run like hell. LOL

After work, I’ll have to pick up Lili, drop her off, change, eat dinner, use the bathroom and head out. We’re not sure yet if Pedro and Lili will come. I mean, it might be too late for Lili at this point. By the time we get home, it might be close to 9. So, I think I might just meet up the girls.

If you’re a runner, do you race during the week? I am wondering how to fuel. I’m so used to morning races/running.

Ohhh, Lili has a new hammock from Vietnam. My girlfriend’s mother hand-carried it on the plane just for her!!!

I love it!!!!


2 thoughts on “A Change of Plans

  1. Wow–that is one crazy storm. Probably good you didn’t try to go to swim.

    That is the cutest hammock ever! Lili appears to be enjoying it. šŸ™‚

    Good luck on your race tonight. I’ve never run a race after work…I only do morning ones. LOL Not that I have done many races anyway.

    XOXO and kisses to Lili

  2. We got hit with that storm too. Horrible traffic coming home and quite an adventure getting from the car to the house in sheets of rain. Love Lili’s hammock! Good luck at the race!

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