And the training begins…

10:45 AM: 4.05-Mile Run (Avg. Pace 9:30 min/mi) – COMPLETED

I woke up late this morning. When I did wake up, I contemplated what workout I was going to get in. FYI, no fun-runs this past weekend with the heat. I opened the training plan I am going to use for this marathon and to my surprise, it’s really a 17-week plan!@%#$@#@% What in the world?!? How did I miss this piece of information. It also reads:

Monday: Run 40-minutes.

So, I packed up my gym bag this morning with all my running gear. I decided to include some products that Pedro’s job gives out. It’s one of their clients.

I knew it was going to be HOT and where I run around town, there’s not much shade. I’ll see how these products go. Supposedly it’s a huge client of theirs, so if I love them, I might get lucky and get them for free.

I won’t lie to you, it’s hot out there. BUT, I can’t complain because it was HOT all weekend and today was not even close to how it was the last few days. I’m pretty sure I’m just not used to running in this weather. I had been just taking my time, picking and choosing when the hell I wanted to run. Hmmm, perhaps that why I’m putting on some weight.

I was so incredibly happy to have turned into the park last minute because this was staring right at me.

Ahhh, water.

I need to remind myself to have some water on my run. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Anyhow, I am happy that I’m kicking off this marathon training to a good start. I got spoiled from the VT Marathon since Courtney had our training written down for us and both Emma and her always mapped out the runs since we ran in their neck of the woods. Oh well… it’s all up to me now.

On some non-running/training related news, we had quite the busy weekend. Friday I was baking for the engagement party on Saturday.

Heart Shaped Red Velvet Cake Batter Brownies

I also baked regular brownies & a meat lasagna. And yes, I baked in 100-degree weather.

Future husband and wife.

I like this picture because Doug is eating my red velvet cake brownie. HA.

On Sunday, Lili and I woke up and worked out. Then we headed over to the Farmer’s Market.

Ahhh, fresh veggies & fruits.

When we got home, we ate lunch and took a nap. We had a christening to attend at 3.

Mom & baby Isabelle with Godmother, Jacquie

Aunt Jacquie & Lili

Take One

Ahh, much better.

We got home close to 5 and since we didn’t have desserts, Lili and I ate some red velvet ice-cream.

Lili: Uh, no… I did NOT eat the red velvet ice-cream. I swear!

So guilty. The girl had red lips like she was a drag…

Overall a great weekend. Busy, but good.

I’m looking forward to a nice and quiet week. Big boss will be out a ton and hopefully my boss won’t be too busy.

Anybody else have back-to-back events this past weekend?
It’s a handful. On a good note, Lili and I did go shopping on Friday. The highlight of my weekend. HA.

3 thoughts on “And the training begins…

  1. Looks like you had a busy, busy weekend! The items you baked for the party turned out great! They look like a sweet couple. 🙂 I’ve never had red velvet ice cream…Lili sure looks like she enjoyed it!

    I don’t know how you run outside in the heat. I run after Cayden outside and I’m sweating like crazy and I am certainly not going at a 9:30 pace! LOL Speaking of, I am going to sign up for the Komen for the Cure 5k. I need to do that now as a matter of fact. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    We generally try to keep our weekends as free and relaxing as possible since our weeks are so so busy. It is hard but we try to do that so we aren’t exhausted by the time the week rolls around. This weekend will be busy since my mom will be visiting.

    Take care and glad you got your run in! Sorry you found out your training schedule is 17 weeks instead of 16. That seems weird to me but then again, I’m not a runner. LOL

    Did you like the products you tried? Just curious.

    Happy Monday! XOXO and kisses to Lili!

  2. As always, Lili is adorable… those glasses shopping and the cake…what cake? haha. Too cute! But you… crazy woman. Baking and running in this weather!!! Good for you. Sometimes you just gotta keep busy in the heat, because if you’re like me and you sit down, you’re not getting back up! We had a fun weekend with family… no back to back events tho. Sounds like your weekend was busy… but fun 🙂

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