Getting Motivated

6:00 AM: Chalene’s Extreme Lean Circuit – COMPLETED

6:45 AM: Brazilian Buttlift Abs – COMPLETED

I’m slow-moving today… Can you tell?!? That’s what happens when you’re catching up on The Office. I am so behind on that show it’s not even funny; well, actually, the show is freaking hilarious. Pedro and I were cracking up to the point that I almost peed in my pants.

Anyhow, I’m starting to get a bit apprehensive with this heat. I absolutely hate running in heat. The weather is supposed to cool down by next week and I pray that mother nature behaves. I start training for the marathon in two weeks (decided on a 16-week plan) and just thinking about the heatwaves are making me cry.

On another note, Pedro finally did what he said he would do; he make my “wall of fame” look pretty.

It only took him seven months to hang up my medal-holder.

Isn’t she a beaut? You’d think this would give me some motivation, but this weather… Gosh, it has got me discouraged.

How do you keep motivated in the summer heat? Remember, I have a one-year old to factor in. We can go for a run anytime before 6-7 AM (if it’s a 3-5 miler), but again, her sleep schedule is not consistent. My long runs I am going to have to start before the sun comes up (well, that’s if the weather continues on this way. I’m afraid it will get worse…). Tips, Tips, Tips!!!!


2 thoughts on “Getting Motivated

  1. I love the office too! I’m like 2-3 seasons behind tho. Gotta catchup on those too! I’m hard to get motivated too… especially in heat.. it always makes me tired! I set a goal for myself to get motivated… like if I can get out and take Avery for a stroll, then I can reward myself with some TV time, or something like that.

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