Making Beatz

6:30 AM: 1-Mile Speed Warm-Up – COMPLETED

6:45 AM: Brazil Buttlift High and Tight – COMPLETED

I was planning on running a little bit longer, but honestly, I was not in the mood. I know, I know… I need to get some base training in here before NYC Marathon training starts on the 16th. I’ll start this weekend into next week. Yeah, that will give me a week of runs before we dig deep into the training. (And then I remembered why, Oh, why, I hate training for Fall marathons. Running in the heat!@$@#@). Unfortunately, my running girls are not training for any Fall marathons so I may be training this solo. I’ll need to get some music going for my long runs. Perhaps I’ll ask this DJ what she recommends.

What kind of music do you want to listen to?

Diggin’ …

Lili on the 1s and 2s

Scratch Master Sanchez

She recommended a few beats for me and put them aside. I’m sure her mix will come out perfect.

Of course I forgot the Chicken Paella recipe that I wanted to post for you all. It came out delicious.

Chicken Paella

I promise to post the recipe up as soon as I can. The only problem is it calls for a spice that I’m not even sure you can buy at the supermarkets out here. I just found it on a website where we order most of our Spain products. I need to place an order stat. I was a bit nervous at first making this dish. My first time usually isn’t the best. It takes time to perfect. However, I received some positive reinforcement from Pedro as he ate TWO full plates last night. Looks like it came out close to his mom’s. I love when that happens.

How do you do with new recipes? I like easy ones that require very little ingredients. Then again, doesn’t everybody?


5 thoughts on “Making Beatz

  1. Oh my gosh! LOVE Lili in the headphones… droppin’ tha beat! Too funny! Man I wish you guys lived closer… if I needed a pick me up, I’d just come visit and be sure to giggle at whatever Miss Lili is up to!!

    As for recipes.. I do pretty basic stuff… saute some chicken breasts & pepers, cook some rice, jumble it together, ta da! Quick and easy!

  2. Lili is so darn adorable! Sorry you weren’t feeling like running…I’m sure it is hard when it is so hot.

    Your recipe looks so good! Like you, I like great recipes that have a few ingredients and don’t take long to prepare. I enjoy cooking but I don’t have the time I used to have! LOL


    • I’m really finding it hard to find the motivation. I mean, I could just run on the treadmill, but that is even hard too… It can be incredibly boring.

      OH, and yeah, I completely understand what you mean about not having time to cook. I absolutely LOVE cooking. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. But when you have babies at the age they’re at now… forget about it. It’s next to impossible at times.

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