Let’s Catch Up: Take One

7:20 AM: Chalene’s Extreme Push Circuit Phase I – COMPLETED

Hmmm… where are the runs? My last run was last Tuesday morning (6/26/12) with this happy as can be bumblebee.

All Smiles

I don’t start training for NYC’s marathon until mid-month so I’m not really stressing the runs. I am going to start a “base” training this week though. My longest run since VT was a 5-mile run with the jogger. I decided that with the plan that I have, I will do most of my shorter runs (excluding the speed workouts) with Lili. I feel that it will make me a stronger runner (or so that’s what I am aiming for).

Anyhow, let’s take it back to the Sunday after Lili’s 1st Birthday party. Lili and I attended a dear old friend’s Bridal Shower. Keyri and I go back almost 10-years, and we haven’t seen each other in 6 1/2 years. Thank goodness for technology, we have been able to stay in touch through the wonderful world of the Internet. I am so excited that she’s getting married to such a wonderful man. You can just tell these two are made for each other.

Beautiful Bride-to-Be

Lili meets Keyri

Although Keyri has never met Lili, she told Lili she feels like she knows her since she is an avid reader of my blog. Thanks, Keyri.

Lili’s new friend, Kim.

Lili spilled water on Kim but fortunately she was a sweetheart and was not mad. In fact, they became best friends.

Us with the Bride-to-Be

It was a beautiful event and everyone was so friendly. I didn’t know a single person, but Lili did well with everyone and a few people asked to hold her.

Lili and I stopped by our friend, Rachel’s, house post-shower since it was down the street and Lili was ready to nap. Unfortunately, as soon as she saw everyone, she was up and playing. She did fall asleep on the way home. We were both exhausted after.

Monday (6/25/12) was a semi-productive day. I got through laundry and made sure Lili took the naps she needed to take. She can be cranky if she doesn’t get her naps in. By 3:30 we were out the door and we headed over to Kidz Village to meet my sister and friend, Michelle. I thought at first that Lili would be too young, but turns out she had a blast.

It’s My Birthday Week

We ended up doing some light food shopping with my sis and her family after we played. Then home we went and I started dinner while Lili hung around on her new birthday chair.

As you can see, it’s been a busy week. More to come in a bit.

Anybody have a short week due to 4th of July falling mid-week? Isn’t that odd? Anyone have interesting plans? I’m debating on the local 4-miler in town. It looks like we’ll have rain. P and I are also BIG on the Twilight Zone Marathon. Exciting stuff, but it’s something we’ve been doing since we first met, and it just so happens that we started dating a month and a half before our first 4th of July.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up: Take One

  1. haha, Lili reading in her chair is too funny! Avery just learned to turn the pages in his books. It’s adorable – yet, annoying because I can’t read fast enough.. he turns the page before I’m done reading!

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