Birthday Weekend: Take Two

7:30 AM: Chalene’s Extreme Burn Intervals – COMPLETED

First things first, Happy Birthday to my husband. Lili and I love you so much. You are not only an incredible husband but an amazing father to Lili. We are so lucky.


I could be a stay-at-home mommy any day. However, if I were a SATM, I’d most likely blog less. HA. I find my time to blog at work on my free-time, but yeah, I hardly have time to blog or even surf the net when I’m home. It’s not a big deal though. I really enjoy my time off with Lili. She’s so much fun especially now that’s she so close to walking and all she does is talk, laugh, smile, kiss, hug, oh, and the occasional crying takes place, but isn’t that with any baby?

I’m behind on “what’s been going on” in my life (as if I have such a huge group of readers), but for those of you that follow me, I will enlighten you. On Saturday (6/23), we had a birthday celebration for Lili’s 1st birthday. It was pretty intimate; just 40 of our close friends and family. It was such a great turnout and I was so happy that everyone enjoyed themselves to the fullest. But before the big event, Lili and I ventured for a 5-mile run in the park.


I was thrilled to see that we ran 5-miles at a 9:30 min/mi pace. I’ll take it. Post-run, Lili and I decided to walk around before heading home. It was such a beautiful day.






Anyhow, when I headed back to the house, we ate breakfast. Shortly after, she pooped, I gave her a bath and then I took a shower. I didn’t want her to nap at the house because I wanted to head to my parents’ house early to set-up. Here are just a few pictures of the day/evening.












I could go on and on and post more and more, but I’m sure you don’t need want to see all of these pictures. It was definitely a fun day/evening. I was so happy that everyone made it out and she really is blessed with the generous gifts she received.

Phew, that was long. I’ll update more on how our week has been going — let me just say, it’s been so wonderful.

Hope everyone else is doing well and somewhere cool. It’s been incredibly hot and now I’m remembering why I hate training for fall marathons. I think after NYC this fall I’m sticking strictly to Spring races. I’d take training in the winter any day over the summer heat. What are your thoughts? Do you have a preference on when you prefer to race? I have two more weeks till training starts… Let’s hope it gets cooler.


7 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend: Take Two

  1. LOVE your dress… It’s almost as pretty as Lili’s 🙂 Looks like your guys had some fun birthday celebrations. Who’s Lili’s friend in the orange? He looks around the same age. A boyfriend already? 🙂

    • Thank you! I purchased the dress last minute the day before — nothing like last minute shopping. Lili, on the other hand, had THREE dress changes. What a DIVA.

      The boy in the orange is Jaden. He’s actually two weeks older than Lili (if you could believe that). Lili actually weighs more than him by a pound but he’s taller by 2 inches.

      • Well lucky last minute shopping because it looked great! I’m still ‘eh’ about some old dresses I have because my body is a little different post-baby, even after getting back in shape. I guess that just means next occasion I’ll have to go last minute shopping too!

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