A Father’s Day Weekend

6:45 AM: ChaLean’s Lean Circuit + ABS – COMPLETED

Yes, I’ve been doing less running and more weights/cardio at home. However, I’m back to marathon training next week. Well, I’ll be doing more of a base training the next few weeks and then I’ll jump into a full training plan in 3-weeks. I don’t really want to train for 20-weeks straight because I think it might run me down. 16-week plans I feel are best. Right? Though, the last marathon I did, it was a 20-week plan. What do you think? How many weeks do you train for a marathon?

In other news, we had a wonderful weekend. On Friday, we headed over to the mall to exchange a shirt and do some light shopping. We also decided to have dinner there. I was so excited to go. Is that parenthood for you or what?

By the time we got home, Lili and I were beat. We both cuddled in bed and fell into Snoreville. She slept very well and we woke up by 5. I did the usual morning routine and then decided that we needed to get P’s father’s day gift together. It’s really the only time we can work on things since he sleeps in.

Working hard on her card.

The gifts:

A basket full of everything Papa loves.

After working on the gifts and cleaning up, I was able to get my workout in before having to run errands (i.e. picked up my house-keys from Courtney and then got threaded because if I waited another week, she’d need to use a lawnmower for my brows). We picked up Pedro a Pre-Father’s Day breakfast. I knew that they weren’t having much “hot” foods at his mom’s for brunch, so I figured I’d surprise him with the usual Jersey breakfast — Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese on a Roll. We ate and then Lili and I went down for a nap. When we woke up, we decided to head over to the park. It was a beautiful day, how can we waste it indoors?

I love her face in this picture.

Papa and Lili

BK nets fan already.

Lili: Alright guys. I’ve had it with this park. Let’s go home.

It was an incredibly FUN time. I’m glad we took advantage of the beautiful weather. It’s going to be 95 on Wednesday and 97 on Thursday. Holy HOTNESS. Then, it’s somebody’s BIG birthday this Friday. More details coming up.

Happy Monday!


7 thoughts on “A Father’s Day Weekend

  1. Pedro’s gifts turned out so wonderfully! Those pics are priceless! I bet he LOVED them all! I’m so glad you all got some fun family time at the park. It is going to be over 100 today here so I feel your heat. LOL I am NOT a fan of summer time. I hate to be hot.

    Anyway, I have no input on your marathon training because I’ve never run one. LOL I will say you look AMAZING and so tiny so you are doing something right, that’s for sure. 🙂

    Oh, and don’t worry, we get excited to go to the mall too. Haha!

    XOXO and kisses to Lili!

    • Seriously, it’s supposed to be SO hot tomorrow and Thursday. I’m absolutely not looking forward to it. Lili will be stuck indoors the next two days — there are always heat warnings for the elderly, babies and those with asthma/respiratory problems.

      Thank you so much! I am trying — Well, not really trying. I’m more trying to at least maintain the post-marathon weight. Unfortunately, I have been eating like crazy — so that’s not really helping. LOL

    • I think I will do just that — btw, I am still waiting for your post-marathon weight entry. ;o)

      I haven’t forgotten you as my running coach, FYI. I will email you soon.

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