The Marathon Edition Take II: The Expo

8:30 AM: Chalean Burn Circuit & Extreme Abs – COMPLETED

It was a lazy Saturday on my end. I had all these plans, but after my morning workout, Lili was in a playful mood, so we played and then tried to put her to bed. It took me forever to get her down for a nap, and by that time, she woke up at 3:20. I’m not complaining though. We’ve had such crazy weekends since February. I nice Saturday with NO plans, NO group runs, NO parties, NO lunches/dinners, NO holidays; you get the picture. I was feeling run down, so I’m glad that it was a lazy day (and yeah, that meant getting no LAUNDRY done. We’re saving that for tomorrow along w/ the food shopping).

Okay, so the trip to Vermont. Mapquest said it would take us 5 hours and 47 minutes, but with a baby, it took us a little over 6. No biggie. We made one stop to eat (an hour and half into the trip. It was poorly planned on our end. We had originally hoped to get on the road by 10, but that turned into after 12.). So yeah, we drove most of the way there and then half an hour before arriving, Lili took a major dump. HA. So we pulled over to some random gas station and there was an ice-cream hut that was closed, so we parked her right on the picnic table and changed her.

I was expecting to see CHAOS once we got to the hotel, mainly because we were staying at the hotel that was hosting the marathon. When we walked in, it was quiet. WOW. We got the last CRIB, too (not that we needed it. Lili stayed in the first night for like 2-hours).


She preferred the “king” sized bed.


We were going to head to the Expo but we didn’t want to rush, so we called it a night by calling in for room service.

The next morning, Pedro was feeling ill. I felt bad. His throat was hurting, he had a stomach ache, he was tired, etc. So when Lili woke up at 6:45, I quickly changed her, changed myself and then we headed downstairs to the main lounge for breakfast.


She was behaved most of the time, but towards the end got fussy. I hardly touched my food.


Guess that sort of thing happens when you have a baby.

After breakfast, Lili and I met up with my sister and her family. We decided to head down to the Expo together. I wasn’t sure what time Court and Emma were coming down, but knew we’d meet at some point.

The Expo was starting to fill in. Lots of people; lots of vendors.


We picked up our Bibs and bag. I thought the race swag was a little bit cheesy. Not much in there.


My sister and I walked around a bit and then Emma and Court arrived.


I bought a few things for us.



And for Lili…


I also scored the sunglasses I wore at the race ($15.00) and some bands for my hair ($5.00/ea). Not too shabby.

Do you buy a lot of things when you hit the Expo? I tried not to spend too much. The hooded sweaters I got for P and I were actually on sale since they were last year’s edition. The good thing is that it doesn’t have the year on it so no one will ever know (except you guys!).

More on the weekend tomorrow.


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