The “TO-DO”…

7:15 AM: Tracey Anderson’s Omnicentric Workout – COMPLETED

12:00 PM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

The to-do list is slimming down a bit. I was able to take care of some business this morning; i.e. pay the bills, balance check book, confirm hotel reservations, clean out car, make an appointment for my car when we return, make an appointment for Pedro’s car tomorrow, and go to the bank. Unfortunately, there’s a lot to be done at home.

Honestly, the only thing we really need to do is the never-ending laundry that I speak of and P-A-C-K!!!! So yeah, at least we are squared away with most of the important matters.

I woke up this morning half-asleep. I could have slept longer, but when Lili woke up, I saw it was after 7! Grrrr… So yeah, I got up, worked out and then decided on getting my run in at lunch. Did I know it was going to be a torrential downpour? Nope. I thought it was supposed to clear up. I waited till the rain slowed down and put on a smile. When I got back, I changed, headed to the bank and our food delivery boy was at the front. As he was leaving he turned to me and said, “Were you just running in town?” HA. Yes, that was me and I’m sorry if the awful smell of sweat gave it away.

My girlfriend also headed to the mall and picked me up a treat.

Okay, well, I better get these files off my desk. I try to have it cleaned off before leaving on vacation.

Anyone else off for the holiday weekend? Well, I assume Monday is a given, but anyone have tomorrow off? Half-day? Traveling?


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