First Try

6:00 AM: 6-Mile Run – COMPLETED

On Friday night, I tried out a new Pinterst recipe. You all know how much I love my Pinterest. I also grown to love red velvet desserts. I made Red Velvet Gooey Butter Cookies. Click on the link for the recipe. I was drugged up on some cough syrup. Apparently, it had no affect on me whatsoever.

How I bake/cook.

I’ve got the last two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on in the background while I have the recipe up on the iPad. Oh yeah, and baby monitor is ‘On’. Just in case someone passes out in the kitchen, I can perform surgery — Okay, I’m just CPR-certified, so I can get you breathing while EMT is on their way.

I was a bit nervous on how this would turn out. It’s pretty easy — just follow the recipe. The longest part is having to put it in the fridge for at least two hours before baking.

Fresh from the oven.

This batch came out good. A bit on the cakey side, but overall good. Perhaps I didn’t bake it long enough? It’s definitely something I will try again.

Have you ever tried a recipe that failed and never tried it again? I try to give recipes a second try — BUT I also make sure we have leftovers in case it fails. HA.


2 thoughts on “First Try

    • Thanks! Some days are harder than others, but honestly, I feel such low energy if I don’t get a workout in — even if it’s a shorter run.

      I was never a fan of red velvet anything until I ate this cupcake that was to die for. I don’t know if I’d be that good at making them myself though — Practice makes perfect.

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