A Birthday Celebration

6:45 AM: Tracey Anderson’s Workout Method – COMPLETED

On Saturday, we celebrated Scarlett’s 3rd Birthday. Crazy how she’s already 3. I remember going into the delivery room with my sister. She had a scheduled c-section. Now, she’s a little lady. We celebrated her birthday at my parents’ house. My sister invited family and close friends. It was intimate. Perfect. The food was so good. I just wish I wasn’t so sick. I would have eaten so much more.

Some of the Deliciousness

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day.

Taking them for a ride.

Before the party started and all the decorations were up, I took the girls on a stroll with my brother. It gave us time to catch up on life.

The Birthday Girl

Scarlett was having a fabulous time with her friends.

Is it time to open the presents?

My “mad” face?

Don’t mind the face. I have no clue what I was doing. I was in charge of helping Scarlett opening up her gifts.

Another “funny” face picture. So that’s what I look like when I’m reading. Gotta love the candid pictures.

Scarlett looks like she’s saying, “Wait?!? Who gave this gift?”

And then there’s cake. It’s not a party without the birthday cake!!!!

Sisters with their Daughters.

Family PIc

I actually have some leftover food at home but hadn’t had a chance to dig in because it was Mother’s Day the next day (and it was Scarlett’s real birthday!).

Anyone else have beautiful weather this weekend? I hope you took advantage and went outdoors.


One thought on “A Birthday Celebration

  1. I can’t believe Scarlett is three! She is so cute and looks like she had a blast. I have no doubt she loved having you help her with her gifts. So glad she had such a fantastic day!!

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