Cinco de Communion

7:45 AM: 20-Mile Run (with massive HILLS) – COMPLETED

I am not going to lie to you. I was apprehensive about this last run and it was probably because the last long run I did was on the treadmill. 18-miles on the tread had me freaked out in the head. First of all, Courtney, Emma and I met up at Sports Authority yesterday to find a racing outfit. $125.00 later, we all picked something out. Not the same but matching. When I got home, I laid everything out and then hung out with family. I didn’t end up sleeping until MIDNIGHT. Oy. Lili woke up at 3, I brought her into the room and then I woke her up at 6 to feed her. I put her back down right before I left.

It was kind of misty out, but not cold. It got muggy after mile 2 and honestly, I just felt a bit crappy. I struggled, but kept up as much as I could. I was just two steps behind most of the time. Until mile 19… then Emma and I were just truckin’ along. By mile 20.04, we had a steep downhill to tackle, but we kind of just wogged it at this point. We were all spent. Our muscles were beyond sore.

I got home after picking up some lunch for P and I and then played with Lili before hopping in the shower. I was really not feeling well. I even took Tylenol from a huge headache. Lili and I went down for a nap and then when I woke up, I still felt the headache. I felt chills… I wished we had Ibuprofen, but nada. I got Lili ready for Julian’s First Communion and then headed out.


Happy First Communion, Jules. After mass, I was feeling even WORSE so before we headed out to dinner, Pedro stopped at CVS and picked me up water and Ibuprofen. I took one and literally 30-minutes later, I felt so good. No headache and the soreness had pretty much disappeared. Phew.

Looking forward to tomorrow though — no plans except, LAUNDRY, food shopping, picking up new running shoes and GU and then going for a run with Lili in the jogging stroller. Okay, that doesn’t seem like I don’t really have plans.

Anyone else have a Communion this weekend? I know it a big weekend for Communions. I told Pedro that there wouldn’t be anymore cards at the store and he kind of smirked saying, “Yeah right!” When he walked out with my Ibuprofen and water he turned to me and said, “You were right. No communion cards.” LOL Instead he picked up a congratulations card. Good enough.


4 thoughts on “Cinco de Communion

    • So happy it’s taper time! But yeah, I can’t seem to shake this achy feeling off and the cold that somehow developed. Grrrr… Lbs is the sh*t.

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