May Showers brings June Flowers?

6:30 AM: 3-5 Mile Run (Speed work) – COMPLETED

It’s May 1st and it’s pouring, pouring, pouring… Though, I think it’s supposed to clear up soon. May’s going to be a busy month. Let me put it to you this way. We have a communion this weekend, a birthday party followed by Mother’s Day the next weekend, a birthday the following weekend with a 2-year anniversary for Pedro and I and then it’s MARATHON WEEKEND! Holy crap. When am I going to breathe?

Last 20-miler is set for this Saturday and I guess it’s okay since that evening we have Julian’s First Communion. Let’s just say, I’m looking to relax on Sunday. My mom’s leaving for the Motherland also. I think someone wants to come along.

Free flight.

Do you remember when my soon-to-be 3-year old niece did same when she was first born?

Scarlett Circa 2009.

I’ve been so busy at work, it’s been non-stop. It’s a good thing but at the same time, I’m just looking forward to having some time off. I can’t wait. I’m a little jealous of my mom’s vacation, but no so jealous about the 24-hour flight. HA.

Anyone else have vacations coming up? Do you ever just do a staycation? Those are great too. I could really get some house projects done.


3 thoughts on “May Showers brings June Flowers?

  1. Your May sounds like our April was. It was crazy but we made it through. I’m still tired, though. LOL I just can’t believe your marathon is coming up so fast! Crazy, crazy.

    I like staycations…they are my favorite. No stress and lots and lots gets accomplished!

    Take care, try to find some time to relax, and kisses to Lili! How cute that you have the pic of Scarlett and now the pic of Lili in the suitcases. Adorable!!!


  2. It’s pouring here too. Has been for days. I’m so annoyed because I just wanna take Avery for a stroll! Sounds like your month is just as busy as ours. This month we’re taking a trip to Costa Rice for a destination wedding, then my sister graduates college in VT, then we plan on building a deck, and we close out the month leaving for California to visit hubby’s family. Don’t you love the warmer weather, but with it comes the ability to get out and do stuff, and look at how quickly our schedules fill up! Look forward to hearing about your marathon!! Good luck!

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