The Longest Run

5:00 AM: 18-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Yesterday, I was so sick. I don’t know what came over me. I had a long list of “to-do” that just never got done. It was a good thing I got out of work early on Friday, but still, I didn’t accomplish anything I wanted to accomplish. At least I had a full day off with nothing to do. As the day went on, I kept going back and forth on the idea of getting some type of workout in, but by 3pm, we had a family emergency to tend to and that left Lili and myself home.

When Pedro got home, we decided that I needed to be close to home today just in case of another emergency. I had to cancel my 18-mile run with the girls and guess what I had to do?


Yes, I ran 18-miles on the treadmill. Yes, it was the longest I’ve ever ran on a treadmill. Yes, it was incredibly a bore. Yes, I would never want to do it again, but if I had to, I would in a heartbeat. I had to mentally prepare myself for this run. I had all my clothes ready, GU, water bottle filled, and lots of toys for Lili out. It’s as if I was going out to meet the girls, but this time, I wouldn’t really have to rush. Also, since I ran it earlier than usual (5 AM as opposed to 7:30 or 8), I didn’t eat breakfast.

After my run, I made Lili breakfast.


Breakfast of Champions. She ate most of it. You would have thought she ran 18-miles. I just had a cup of coffee and half the toast.

We had plans to go see his mom since it’s her birthday, but we decided that postponing to the following weekend might be better. However, I know she still wanted someone to come by and since we live the closest, she suggested to Pedro maybe stopping by. We picked up a cake, but ate lunch first.


We then stopped by his parents to eat some cake.



We stayed for about two hours before heading home. When we got home, Lili was down for a nap. I, too, took a nap. I was so tired.

Well, it’s already 9 here and the weekend’s almost over. Why can’t we have longer weekends and shorter workdays?

What’s the longest you ever ran on a treadmill?

    I ran into this girl at a marathon/50k/100k/50-mile trail/100-mile trail race. Her husband was running the 100-mile trail. She said that once her and her husband ran a full marathon on the treadmill just to see what it was like. Uh, I could have told you it’s boring as heck. Really, you ran 26.2 miles on a treadmill just for fun?!? Who does that sort of thing?


    5 thoughts on “The Longest Run

    1. Congrats on an 18 mile treadmill run-I could never have done it. I did 12 outside once and get caught in bad weather, so I finished up 8 on the treadmill. That is the longest I have ever done though.

      • Believe me, running 18-miles on the treadmill was not how I had planned to run this long run. I’m ready to hit the pavement — but then the rain decided to make appearances this week. Of course…

    2. Wow! That is the longest run for sure. I can’t believe you were able to do that with Lili! Amazing! I hope everything is ok and no more emergencies occur.

      I can’t imagine running 26.2 miles anyway and for sure not on the treadmill. LOL


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