And the Dodgers Win…

7:30 AM: Jackie Warner’s Xtreme Workout – COMPLETED

Well, I’m not sure about the LA Dodgers, but I know that this Dodger was a winner last night.

Lili didn’t seem to be coughing yesterday when I picked her up from my parents and her nose wasn’t that runny, so we decided to go watch Julian’s baseball game. We were on the fence about it so we didn’t want him to know that we were probably going to come. We didn’t want to disappoint him if we couldn’t make it. It was definitely the perfect weather for a baseball game.

Swing Batter...

Julian did very well. He knew when it was a “ball” and he stole two bases.


He had a great fan base aside from his teammates. His mommy, Lili and I. Sab was cheering from afar with her girlfriends.

Getting a picture with my favorite Dodger.



Julian was ecstatic to see Lili. It was their first win and at the end he said, “I think Lili might be my lucky charm. Are you coming to Saturday’s game?” LOL It’s a maybe since it’s an 8AM game and it takes us a good 25-minutes to get there. Yikes.

We got home after 8:30 and Lili was KNOCKED! She went right into her crib and slept. I ate a late dinner with Pedro and then we hung out watching movies. I’ve been so bad sleeping in my contacts, so I finally took them out after, uh, a few weeks maybe. I know, I know. So very bad. But he still laughs at my eyeglass necklace chain. He kept calling me an old librarian last night.

I don’t think I look like an old librarian. And so what if I like to wear a chain with my glasses. I think they’re pretty stylish.

Anyone else suffering from crazy allergies? Thank goodness the pollen count wasn’t as high yesterday. Lili definitely did much better. Pedro and I, on the other hand, we were a mess last night. Late night meant a late start this morning.

Happy Friday!


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