It’s Marathon Monday

04.15.12: 13-Mile Run – COMPLETED

7:00 AM: Jackie Warner’s Xtreme Workout – COMPLETED

First and foremost, just want to wish my fellow running friends, Cristella, Tara and Kristy, well wishes at the Boston Marathon. I know this heat might be pretty hard to run in, but you girls are strong and focused!

Yesterday was a blur, really. I did manage to get at least five loads of laundry out of the way. Laundry, it seems never ending in our house. In any event, the rest of my weekend was pretty relaxed. Of course, I stayed up watching a movie with Pedro until was past my bedtime. We watched this oldie:


I remember watching this years ago, but don’t remember all the scenes. I didn’t get to bed until 1. Not smart since I had a 13-mile run the next morning; oh, yeah, and a baby that likes to wake up sporadically. Honestly, I don’t even remember what time she woke up, but it was between 4-5. I fed her, I ate, we played and I got her down before I had to leave. Phew.

The Run: First of all, I was overdressed. I didn’t realize how hot and humid it was going to be. Courtney came to the rescue and gave me short sleeves — thought we both kind of wished we wore tanks. Anyway, we left at 9:05. It was already feeling muggy. On top of that, this route that Courtney mapped out, can you say HILLS?!? Oh, I can’t believe how many hills there were. I’m pretty sure it was at every single mile we hit. The pros are we are training in this heat and we’re getting some great hill work — Courtney said that the VT marathon doesn’t have nearly as many hills as we have trained for. Thank goodness.

When I got home, Lili was wearing the cutest outfit.

Run Mommy Run

I apologize for the blurriness. Lili wouldn’t keep still. She was wearing her “Run Mommy Run” onesie with her running skirt. I think this might be the outfit she’ll wear on marathon day.

After I ate, showered and tried to take a nap with Lili (which we were very unsuccessful at), I wrote out a shopping list for the week. We’re trying to get Pedro into some healthier habits. We also want to try to get out for a walk today. Pedro stayed home while I took Lili out. It was a nice day anyway and she was not in the mood to nap.

Helping Mommy Shop

She is the funniest. She’s looking at the shopping list in the first pic and then she’s eating free samples that they have at the stands. She’s just like her grandma. HA. $130.00 later and a trunk full of goodies, Lili and I were back home (she of course fell asleep in the car). Pedro and I ate and then Lili and I passed out. Yes, it was between 7-8PM. I had all these big plans, but nothing happened.

I woke up close to 4-5. I ended up baking blueberry muffins for breakfast, chicken quesadillas for Pedro’s lunch and marinating swordfish for dinner, all while feeding Lili her breakfast. I also managed to get a decent workout in. Don’t ask me how — Lili was definitely getting fussy towards the end.

I was disappointed I couldn’t workout longer, but you know what, I’m actually more sore from my 13-mile run than my 20. I’m thinking it was the speed and the heat combined with the hills. So hard. Also, I had good intentions on baking/cooking everything last night. I think I just needed the sleep though.

How often do you prepare food for the week on a Sunday? Do you do a lot of laundry on the weekends?

Back to work, Monday. On top of that, my girlfriend that I work for leaves for Portugal. I’ll be a busy bee till, (gulp), May.


5 thoughts on “It’s Marathon Monday

  1. Lili is such a cute shopping buddy! I was thinking about making my shopping list this morning… I might be able to stretch the food until the weekend. Much easier to shop on the weekend since weekdays are so busy. I’ll grocery shop every 2-3 weeks. My goal is to keep it to $130 (so weird that’s what you spent!) and it’ll last at least 2 weeks. Oh and we do lots of weekend laundry too…. just finished 2 loads this morning (I have the day off cuz maraton monday is a holiday in boston :))

    • Oh, that is good that you make it last for 2-3 weeks. I feel like I waste too much food sometimes. It’s such a bad thing. I wish I could be one of those “Extreme Couponers”. I just don’t have the patience. HA.

      I just finished another load of laundry this morning. And already, I have another load that needs to be washed. Seriously?!?

      You are so lucky that you had the day off yesterday. I wish that NYC was on a Monday so that it could be a holiday. Oh wait, it wouldn’t work for me anyway b/c I work in NJ. HA.

      • haha! Our laundry piles up just like that too. I see a pile of bibs one day and the next, it’s like, where did they go?!

        I tried being a crazy coupon-er one shopping trip. It took a lot of research and searching for coupons and setting them up and checking them in the store, and I think I ended up buying more than I needed. So I gave up. I still coupon for diapers, formula, etc. stuff that we typically buy… and I ignore the 25cents off random items.

        I feel like we waste a lot of food too… we always have leftovers and as much as we try to bring them to work or have a leftovers night once a week, I still manage to throw out piles of ‘expired’ food every week.

  2. Nice post!

    Also, I hear you with the hill running. That stuff is tough!

    As for laundry, we really don’t do all that much. It’s one or two loads a week, but it’s just me and my wife (no kids for a while. Ha).

    And we don’t cook everything for the week on Sunday. It makes sense to, but I’ve just never tried it.

    • Thanks!

      Wait till the kids (even just a baby) comes. When she was just a newborn, I swear, she pooped through 3 onesies a day. It’s like she knew I hated doing the laundry.

      I used to cook for the week often, but after having a baby, it’s impossible to finish multiple tasks, so I have to kind of pick and choose what really needs to get done. It’s too bad because I really do like cooking/baking.

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