Running, Swinging & Eating

04.13.12: Insanity + 4-Mile Run – COMPLETED

5:30 AM: Insanity Upper Body Workout – COMPLETED

What a gorgeous weekend thus far. Of course, the day of my long run, it’s supposed to be raining. Well, we can’t have all nice sunny days AND at least I’m training in all sorts of weather, right?!? You never know how the weather’s going to hold up on marathon day. Speaking of, to all my friends running Boston Marathon, I wish you well wishes and I certainly hope the weather will be nice — I just saw it’s supposed to be 88-degrees and sunny here, so I hope it’s not too hot for you guys.

Yesterday was a good day. My SIL babysat Lili in the morning. Then in the afternoon, I got home, we hung out for a bit and then Lili and I took a two hour nap. It was nice. When I woke up, it was about 3:00. I fed her, changed her and then dressed her up. I got into my running clothes and Pedro and Lili headed over to the park while I met my sister for a 4-mile run. I asked her if we could change up the route and head over to the park so we could meet up with Pedro and Lili. I think Lili was so confused when she saw me. She was having so much fun though.


After our run, Pedro dropped Lili off at my sister’s and I showered there. Lili and Scarlett played for a bit.


I fed her again before we headed out to Charlie Brown’s for dinner. It was my sister, her husband, Scarlett, Lili and myself. I ended up ordering the salad bar and a turkey sandwich with mashed so that Lili could eat the mashed.


Lili’s practicing to order… funny thing is, she’s actually looking at the alcohol menu. HA.


I ended up eating half and not much of the mashed. I took the leftovers to go. After dinner, Lili and I headed home. Lili was exhausted.


I mean she did have a full day of festivities. She was so tired that I transferred her from car seat to crib and she didn’t even wake up. Though, an hour later, she stirred up a cry and then we laid in bed together. Little did I know, I was exhausted myself and I never woke up after we both hit the sheets… well, until 5AM.

A busy Friday followed by a busy Saturday morning…. More on that tomorrow. Right now, I need to lay out my running clothes and get my garmin charged.

Do you take advantage of beautiful weekend weather? Usually, I’m so tired from the week, I prefer to stay in, but I’m trying to be more outdoorsy now that the weather is starting to pick up.


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