Old (ex) Friends

6:00 AM: 3.2-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Yesterday, I downed a glass of Sangria at my MIL’s before heading out to dinner with my brother & girlfriend. Lili was well-behaved for awhile before she started to get out of control. The girl has no patience. I’m wondering if that’s a trait from me or my husband. I think it’s actually a trait she’s inherited from me though. Pedro’s pretty patient. Well he has to be since he’s married to me. HA. I have to say, he handles me pretty well. And yet, I like to be difficult.

While we were eating, I noticed an ex-friend of mine walk in. We haven’t spoken since 2000 (well, except the one time we briefly ran into each other back in 2002). We used to be such great friends. Inseparable. It was ironic because my brother is going through a similar situation right now and he needed my opinion on it. So since she walked in and was sitting three booths down from us, I rehashed our story. I don’t regret not being friends with her anymore. I had to tell my brother that he’s still young (23 years old) and he’ll be going through struggles with friends for years and years to come. He won’t know his true friends until maybe in his 30s. And even then, you will still lose some friends. It’s a cycle. We all go through it.

I wouldn’t have been mean or nasty if we bumped into each other. Honestly, it was years ago and we’re both adults. I’m going to be 32-years old. I’m married with a baby. With her, I’m sure it’s close to same. It’s been 12 years. When we were leaving, we both noticed each other and gave eye-contact, but all I did was smile and walk out. She was with family and I was leaving with mine. I’ve thought about it — what if we talked again? I enjoyed her friendship very much. But at the same time, what for? We stopped being friends because we both changed. What’s so different now? So let’s leave it as it is.

Do you go through spats with close friends? I used to have a bunch of friends, and I kind of still do… but, I can count my close friends on one hand.

Now, onto another note, cleaning up time in our house is becoming less and less of a chore now that we’ve got the huge play-pen jail cell. However, it drives me nuts to see clutter, even in her area…

Before & After

Our little Miss At-ti-tude.

And guess who’s turning THREE in just a month???

She’s now 100% potty-trained. You can fully understand every single word that comes out of her mouth. She loves mani/pedis. She is the best. Why do they grow up so fast? Lili loves her big cousin. As soon as she saw her this morning, she started screaming and smiling at her. Awwwww…

Okay, well, the food shopping is done on my lunch break and I have all these foods I want to cook tonight. Let’s see how motivated I am to actually get it done. Do you ever have cooking plans and then decided to “order in” instead? I’m trying to move away from that bad habit.


8 thoughts on “Old (ex) Friends

  1. I had to laugh about Pedro has to be patient to be married to you. I hear you on the old ex-friends. I’ve been really trying to enjoy the moment and not live in the past. Although sometimes it is nice to rekindle the past as long as you have some ties to the future.

    I’m almost unpacked at my new place. It took a bit longer since I decided to paint the office and dining room.

    Miss you LOTS!


    • YOU know WE’RE all over the place — people need to be patient with us! HAHAHA It was strange seeing that girl last night because I was just talking about her last week to another mutual friend who still keeps in contact with her. I learned that her sweet mother had breast cancer, but is OK now (phew). It’s crazy, because I guess we do “break-up” with friends just the way we break-up with boyfriends/girlfriends. I know she’s doing great though and she’s happy, so that is the most important thing.

      I want to see pics of your new place. I’m so excited for you. You showed me the pictures, but I can’t wait to see what you do with it. Where are you putting your treadmill?

      Miss you a lot also. Keep me posted on things when you have some downtime. I love hearing from you always.


  2. I have an ex friend that I trained for a marathon with. I often think about her during my long runs and get awfully sad. I have never lost a friend before or after her. Sure, I have had friends come and go through life’s changes, but never a malicious fall out like this one. Thanks for posting this, I don’t feel so alone.

    • I know the feeling. I had a malicious fall out with another friend — though, it was not my intention for it to be malicious. I just knew that we both changed and we grew apart. Yes, you are not alone!!!!

      Do you have an upcoming marathon that you are training for?

  3. I can relate on the ex-friend issue. I had a best friend since college. Lived together. Turned 21 with her, etc. When my wedding came around, she didn’t agree with my decision to get married and bailed on me – within a month or two of the big day. And to top it off, another close friend of mine joined her. I with that, I was down two bridesmaids and two close friends. Haven’t spoken to them since and never will. And I’m OK with that. I’m better off because, like you said, we’ll go thru cycles of friends and the real ones will be the ones that are still around when we’re in our 30’s.

  4. I think we have all been there with friends. I only have a few close friends and I am happy with that. I think you handled the situation very well. 🙂

    Lili sounds like Cayden–NO PATIENCE! But, I don’t have any either so I can’t say anything. Cayden has so many of my personality traits, it isn’t even funny. LOL

    I can’t believe Scarlett is going to be THREE! Wow! I remember you posting the day she was born! Wow. She is doing so well with being potty trained, speaking well, and loving manis and pedis. TOO CUTE!!

    XOXO and kisses to Lili!

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