TGI… oh Wait… it’s Thursday!

6:15 AM: Jackie Warner’s Xtreme Workout – COMPLETED

After work yesterday, I headed over to my MIL’s house to scoop up Lili. The kids were all there, so I chatted with them before heading out. I was having dinner with the girls at this Authentic Mexican restaurant. I left close quarter to 5 and got there earlier than I had anticipated, so Lili and I hung around for a bit.


The girls came just in time and we all sat and caught up. It was weird being in regular clothes with our hair did and make-up. We’re so used to seeing each other in our running gear, hair in a pony tail and sweat dripping everywhere. Nice change and we promised we’d do this more often. I think the next time we’ll have to do it at someone’s house though because Ava and Lili didn’t really get to play much! The food was excellent. I ended up eating half my dish and then giving Pedro the other half.

We caught up on non-running matters and then Emma and I tried to iron out our running plans tomorrow. We’re either running first thing in the morning OR at 3 in the afternoon. We both prefer earlier, but we’ll see how that goes. Sunday I am running with my sister, so my running plans are all set. Phew. Saturday I have to take a class at a college nearby. Thankfully it ends at 1pm. Then at 2pm, Lili and I have a first birthday party to attend. So exciting.

I had fun dressing Lili this morning.

Polo Girl

And I had time to my hair.

Me & My Bumblebee

I remember running into my girlfriend at the supermarket. She was this girl I used to run with for months, but before that we met in this running in the pool class. Anyhow, we were both food shopping and she called out my name. I swear, I drew a blank. In my head I thought, “Who is this woman???” I could NOT remember. Also, we hadn’t ran together in a few months… Then it dawned on me. Do you ever not recognize someone in street clothes when you always see them in workout clothes? I know, that’s so awful of me, but again, I didn’t go out with her outside of running and we were only friends for a year total. Since she went back for her PhD we both stopped running together. I miss her dearly. I still send her birthday cards every year. I stopped hearing from her though after I had the baby. I’m sure we’ll meet again.

Happy Thursday!


2 thoughts on “TGI… oh Wait… it’s Thursday!

  1. So glad you had fun! Lili is such a cutie! I know I say that all the time but it is true. 🙂

    Your hair looks awesome curled! I haven’t seen it that way before–looks amazing on you!

    Yes, I have done what you did and not recognized someone out of their “element.” It is really hard when you usually see people with no makeup, workout clothes on, and their hair up and then see them somewhere looking “real.” 🙂 So, you are not alone.

    Have a wonderful rest of the day! Oh, it looks like you are wearing the blue cami I sent to you in one of those pics. Is that the one? I am wearing one of the shirts you sent to me today–the sleevless black and white polka dot one. I have gotten a ton of compliments on it. 🙂

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