Weekend Bliss (and Blisters…)

5:30 AM: KettleBells – COMPLETED

Weekends go by too fast, and this weekend was absolutely perfect. I did everything I wanted to do (family, long run, friends, eat). And, I cam home to a little surprise.

Roses and a Lily.

When I walked into the house, a large vase of roses were right on the table in the living room, along with a teddy bear and a single lily for Lili. I don’t do flowers because it’s means you did something wrong, but these flowers actually served its purpose. ;o) I was very happy with them! He did good. ;o)

The work I brought home was left untouched. I feel like I just posted how I was looking forward to the weekend and now it’s already 3PM on Monday. Boy is it dragin’. Weekend updates:

1. Me time. I finished Fifty Shades of Grey on Friday and started Fifty Shades Darker yesterday afternoon. I didn’t put it down until after 12:30. I also slept at 1:30 and woke up at 5 this morning. I haven’t complained yet, but that’s because it’s my own fault.


2. Workouts/Catch-Up with Girlfriends. Courtney, Emma and I ran 20-miles in the rain. We all looked exhausted when we met up Saturday morning and I had a cramp as early as the first mile. I seriously contemplated turning around and calling it quits, but I pushed through and before mile 2 entered, my cramp was long gone. Thank goodness it never returned. I was definitely the weakest link the first 10-miles, but I caught my second wind and from that point on, I was keeping the pace for us.

On Sunday, I woke up early with Lili and I worked out while she played.

Mommy's Playmat v. Lili's Playmat.

She stayed on her mat the entire time. I can’t say the same from this morning. All her toys managed to get on my mat by the time I was done with my workout.

3. Family. With the amazing week I had, Pedro promised to take me and Lili out on a date. YAY! Finally, I’ve been waiting to go to our favorite Spanish restaurant (and on a sidenote, I’m glad we went because word on the street is my in-laws are taking the grandkids tomorrow and I really, really wanted to take Lili there first). We had such a lovely time.

La Casa Vasca

Oh, their food was delicious. And the Sangria… well, Pedro surprisingly finished most of it. HA.

Bread? Don't mind if I do...

The weened was absolutely perfect. It’s a short week this week (I think). Anybody else have a short week?


3 thoughts on “Weekend Bliss (and Blisters…)

  1. Aww! So happy you had such a perfect weekend. The pics are beautiful–you and Lili are just gorgeous! Pedro did a great job with the flowers and teddy bear too. 🙂

    I am happy you pushed through your 20 mile run and finally got to go to your Spanish restaurant. The food looks so yummy!

    We have a short week too and I can’t wait!!!

    XOXO and kisses to Lili!

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I’m glad yours went much better than mine! I’m trying to stomach some soup while I catch up on blog reading since I was out of commission the past 3 days…

    Love the note about Lili’s toys ending up on your mat… haha. Too cute…

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