40 Weeks Post-Pregnant

It’s still crazy that 40-weeks ago I gave birth to my daughter. Pedro and I were talking about it the other night. He was expecting the birth to be some real life movie; me screaming at the top of my lungs after 15+ hours of pushing. Instead, I was quiet as can be while I pushed her out and then we were all laughing, talking and joking around. While I was sleeping the night I got induced, he said he could hear the woman next door giving birth and she was screaming out her lungs. He was scared for me and hoped I didn’t hear anything. Thanks to Ambien, I didn’t hear a thing.

40-weeks pregnant v. 40-weeks post-pregnant

I still can’t believe this was just 40-weeks ago. I certainly hope the next pregnancy is as painless and uh, easy to get back into shape as this pregnancy. I am 10 lbs. lighter than I was pre-pregnancy and I’m not the best eater. While I try to eat healthy, I still refuse to give up french fries, pizza and chocolate. I’m not back to my running speed, but I won’t lie; it’s my own fault. I am not taking the time to incorporate my speedwork in. I’m just too tired. I know it’s a poor excuse. I just don’t know how some moms that are runners do it. And I only have ONE baby. Imagine when I have the second one? I really need to get out with Lili in the jogging stroller once the weather stays nice.

Lili had her 9-month appointment today, which happens to be her 40-week, and all is well. She has a bit of a stuffy nose, but other than that, she’s growing right on target and she won’t need to come back until she’s a year old.

40-week kisses

Of course, I am exhausted. Lili’s appointment was scheduled at 7AM. Looks like I’ll be drinking coffee all day long.

Cup of Joe? Don't mind if I do.

Are you a big coffee drinker? How many cups do you have a day? I won’t lie to you. I had coffee throughout my pregnancy. I stopped for awhile in the beginning of my pregnancy, but slowly, I came back to drinking it. Another confession, I was terrible at taking my prenatal vitamins. I think I took a total of 20 pills, if that. I remember when I was measuring small and my doctor had ordered ultrasounds. I told her I had a confession and she said, “You fell while running, didn’t you?” HAHA. I told her I didn’t take my prenatals and she said, “Oh, that’s okay. I never took mine either!” Probably not the best advice, but I did feel a lot better. Hopefully I will be much better at it the second time around. HA.


13 thoughts on “40 Weeks Post-Pregnant

  1. You look fabulous! You are proof that baby weight does come off if you keep exercising. Yes, I love coffee. We always try to cut down because it gets expensive at 10.99/lb, but we are writers and researchers and coffee seems to come with the territory.

    • Thank you! Oh, I love coffee. I very rarely drink it at home though, so you know I had to be tired. Sometimes I feel like I just need a taste of it. I don’t drink my entire cup ever. Well, if I am home on a weekend I will, but other than that, I won’t. I can imagine how much coffee you writers/researchers go through. ;o)

    • Girl, I bet you’ll be PR-ing in races while you’re pregnant. LOL Your baby will come out with running shoes. HA.

      Do you drink coffee before a run?

  2. Wow—you look INCREDIBLE! Seriously, you do. AMAZING!!! What are you doing to make your stomach look so awesome???

    I can’t believe you had Lili 40 weeks ago. Time goes by so fast! And, you are truly inspiring…not only did you have Lili naturally and not scream, but you are 10 lbs lighter than before you had her, you look gorgeous, and you still enjoy your treats. You will get your speed back–it is just hard to do everything when you are a mommy!

    I am a coffeee drinker…at least 2 cups, maybe 3 a day LOL. I did give it up while pregnant and I took my prenatals every day. In fact, I still take them since I am still breastfeeding (although we are working on weaning. LOL) Then again, I have always taken vitamins daily so that wasn’t anything new for me.

    Lili is such a cutie. I still can’t believe she is 9 months old. Time just flies, flies, flies!

    XOXO and lots of kisses to that adorable Lili!

    • THANKS, ALLIE! You are my #1 motivator (and fan at the same time, LOL). I haven’t done Bob workouts in awhile. I do feel like when I do Shaun’s workouts, my abs are more well-defined. I know we had this discussion. I don’t want to say it’s running… I’m guessing it’s a mixture of all those workouts?!? My thighs, however, are in a different place. They are not shrinking. I know Bob is the one that helped reshape your thighs. Is there something else you could recommend? I think for you though, it came off a lot with the combination of your workouts PLUS your diet. You had to cut out a lot of stuff because Cayden’s allergies, right? I haven’t changed my diet all too much. I bet if I did, I’d be really fit…. I might just be fat fit. HAHAHA

      I KNOW. I really can’t believe Lili is 40-weeks old. I usually don’t go by the weeks. BUT today was special. 40-weeks she was a bun in the oven and 40 weeks she’s crawling, talking, laughing, playing. It’s so great. Do you still get phantom kicks?

      Lots of hugs and kisses to Cayden!!!!

      • I actually haven’t done too many Bob workouts lately either. I think I got burned out because I was doing them so much! I do think that they were what made my thighs shrink but I know doing workouts with strength training and interval cardio seems to be keeping them where they are which is a very good thing!

        My sister Lauren has my Insanity DVDs right now. I loaned them to her because she wanted to get in shape for her wedding. I will be happy to get them back. I still have a couple that I purchased separately and I do think they make a big difference in my stomach. Isn’t that weird? I know we have talked about this before. 🙂

        I am pretty sure cutting dairy had a lot to do with how I lost my extra weight and got more fit. I can tell a difference now that I have added some back in and honestly, I think I will probably cut a lot of it out again. I think I will keep eating my greek yogurt but otherwise, I might go back to no dairy. I think I looked better when I wasn’t eating it and I know I felt better.

        Every now and then I will get a phantom kick…I thought that would stop but sometimes they just show up! It is really strange. LOL

        XOXO and kisses to Lili!

    • Thanks! I think a lot of interval workouts? Do you workout at home or at the gym? I workout at home, but I run and I do a lot of DVDs at home. Send me an email and I can send you the workouts I do.

  3. You look great! Bravo for getting back in shape so fast! You’ve totally inspired me to kick my own butt in gear. Avery and I have big plans with our new jogging stroller too once ‘the weather stays nice’ of coarse.Maybe after my 40-day health kick I’ll be confident enough to take an post-baby picture like you 🙂

    As for coffee, nope. I’m not a coffee drinker. Tea, on the other hand, is my morning (or afternoon) pickup. I was pretty good with my prenatal vitamins but when Avery popped out I was so happy not to worry about remembering to take one every day anymore!

    • I was just about to respond to your comment yesterday when the attorney said I could close up early! I never have to think twice about leaving… HA. Oh, I cannot wait till the weather starts getting nicer out and I can take Lili out in the jogging stroller. Which jogging stroller did you go with? We are using our friend’s jogging stroller. She has the BOB. It’s amazing and I”m sure better than most cars. Those wheels are just sturdy.

      I was big on tea for quite some time. I love the taste of this tea from Trader Joe’s. It’s nighttime tea. SO good… But yeah, something about coffee that i just need to have it. Even if it’s just for the taste…

      Yes, post up those pics when you’re ready. It’s great to see your progress.

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