Airing My Dirty Laundry

03.24.12: 8-Mile Run – COMPLETED

03.25.12: 16-Mile Run – COMPLETED

5:15 AM: Insanity Cardio Recovery + Cardio Abs – COMPLETED

I tried to get a post on here this past weekend, but time slipped away. Mainly because I had NINE loads of laundry to tackle.

Oh, laundry, how I loathe you.

Mommy's Helper - Getting the instructions.

Thank goodness for a little helper.

Okay mommy. Bibs with bibs; onuses with onuses.

The rest of my Saturday was a run in between laundry, playing with Lili and then hanging out with my girlfriend and her husband in the evening. They didn’t leave until well after 11:30 and I just could not fall asleep after. Not good considering that I had a 16-mile run the next morning. Fortunately, Lili did well with Pedro.

I’m actually running late. I won’t’ be in the office today as I’ve got another excruciating agenda to attend. More later on my run and weekend.

Did anyone else have any long runs/workouts scheduled? How did your little one help this weekend? Wait till Lili can actually walk and help. She’ll be pushing that broom and dusting those countertops in no time. HA.


7 thoughts on “Airing My Dirty Laundry

    • Thanks, Meghan. I haven’t had a chance to come by with the busy day I had yesterday, but will certainly come and look at the details today! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    • It was not my intention, but I didn’t get a chance on Thursday to do my 8 and did my 3 instead (that was supposed to be for the weekend). It wasn’t too bad though. Our speed is definitely getting better with the long runs. I feel like it’s taking me so much longer post-pregnancy. I’m patient though. As patient as can be.

  1. Great job on running and working out. Love that Lili was being a little helper! Cayden helps me clean all the time. He gets a clean rag that I give him and dusts and mops and everything. He even cleans the shower walls! Ha!

  2. How cute that Cayden cleans the shower. This morning, I gave Lili a diaper while I changed hers (it keeps her so distracted) and today she was washing the walls with them. HAHAHA

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