Four Interrupted Miles…

5:30 AM: 4-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Is it just me or does it seem that Lili is always sick? (insert very, very sad face). I am hoping it’s just the case of her teething, but when you throw in a runny nose, I just don’t know what to call it. What makes me more sad is that I couldn’t take off of work yesterday or today to be with her because of this closing that has been going on for three months now. Frustrating.

Anyhow, Lili’s been having a low-grade fever since yesterday morning and then in the afternoon, she was up to 101.7. Last night, she was much better, but when it was time to go to bed, there were several times that I had to pick her up and out of the crib and rock her to sleep. Poor girl. She couldn’t breathe so I had to give her saline drops. Between a three hour span, she had almost 13 oz. of milk. She was so dehydrated. At 4AM, she had a 100.3 fever. I waited it out and it slowly went down on its own. She was okay this morning, a bit playful and all. When I dropped her off at the in-laws, she was screaming crying. I felt awful. I hate leaving her when she’s not well. I’m waiting for updates right now on how she’s feeling…Like I said, hopefully it’s just the case of teething and it’s nothing serious.

My 4-mile run was actually divided up into a 2.6 mile run, 1-mile run and then .5. Lili kept waking up and getting fussy. It’s done though. I took a much deserved rest day yesterday and came back this morning — with very, very little sleep.

In other news, I finally had the guts to chop of my hair. I had been contemplating it for quite some time now… But kept going back and forth. I love long hair. But hair is hair and it’ll grow out.


1. Even though I cut nearly 10-in off, I did not weigh any less this morning;
2. I did not run any faster with my short hair.
3. I still use the same amount of shampoo; hence, I doubt I’ll be saving any money in the hair department;
4. It takes me longer now to do my hair than it did with long hair.

Regrets? It’s cute. Do I miss my long hair? Sure I do. I think all women miss their hair when they chop it off. Will it take me long to grow out? It shouldn’t, but you know what always happens? It gets to that stage where you can’t stand it and then you chop it off all over again. I don’t think I’ll hope I won’t do that though.

Did you ever regret a hairstyle? My one close friend permed her hair once and hated it. She ended up reversing it. Can you believe that’s how we ended up as best friends? She called me for the first time ever venting about her permed hair mistake.

4 thoughts on “Four Interrupted Miles…

  1. Rachel, you look GORGEOUS!!! Seriously, the cut looks amazing on you!! You may like your long hair better and it is often easier to have it long but this looks FANTASTIC! Enjoy it while you have it. 🙂 I have had my hair down to my waist and then as short as one inch all over. I did regret going that short but it all grew back. I’ve permed my hair, straightened my hair, highlighted my hair…I’ve done it all. Now, I am going back to natural and letting it grow out. LOL

    I am so sorry about Lili. Just so you know, our doctor said teething can cause fevers, running noses (clear, if it has any color to it it is probably more like allergies or a cold), and loss of sleep and crankiness. So, that may be what it is. Unfortunately too, babies are sick so much this time of year. It won’t be until it is consistently warm that they get sick less.

    I get interrupted workouts a lot too but I figure that is better than no workout. I just keep thinking that someday, Cayden will sleep all the way through them all the time. 🙂 I am sure Lili will too.

    Take care and I hope you get less stress soon! In the meantime, just know you look incredible!

    • THANKS, ALLIE! When she was first blow-drying it out, I was like, “eh, did I make a mistake?” And, “Oh, thank goodness I didn’t go much shorter than this!” I definitely don’t regret it and you know what, it needed a good cut. It’s definitely strange to comb my fingers through my hair and then it stops short. But, it also feels nice that I’m not combing my hair and getting stuck in tangle traffic. HAHAAH. My ponytail is so itty bitty.

      Oh, I used to have blond highlights in my hair. What was I thinking? Who did I think I was? JLo? LOL

      Oh, I can’t wait till the stress is over! And thanks so much for your endless compliments. You are awesome. Plus, you are my inspiration to be a skinny minnie (but toned and fit) like yourself. ;o)

    • I meant to ask you, but do you straighten your hair? I know you’ve got the cutest curls. I want curls. (The typical straight hair girl wants curls comment).

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