Balancing it out

6:30 AM: Jackie Warner’s Xtreme Workout – COMPLETED

Last night, Pedro went to his nephew’s birthday dinner solo since Lili was pretty much hungry, needed a bath and then fell right to sleep.

Sleeping Beauty

I told Pedro we would go with him, but he said it would have taken twice as long just to leave the house and for what, 10-minutes spent with family. It’s true though, he ended up getting there right when they were having desserts. If he had to wait for us (and you have to add 20 extra minutes with putting on her coat, getting her in the car seat, getting in the car), they’d probably be heading out the door. So, when he left, she fell right to sleep and I did the chores that I’ve neglected to do; (1) hang the wet laundry since our wash is out of service, (2) washed the dishes, (3) folded TWO loads of laundry and put them all away, ab(4) straightened up both her room and Pedro’s man-cave. Now, the only thing that’s really left is dusting and laundry, but since Pedro went out last night, he never fixed our wash. And tonight, he’s going out with the boys, so it looks like it might not get fixed this weekend.

So the title today is Balancing. During our 20-mile run, Courtney (also a new mother to Ava) and I got to talking about the topic on marathon training. I don’t know how it came up, but we were talking about the NYC Marathon. Her job says they’ll sponsor her to run it in 2013. So, I told her that if that was an option, I might just defer and run it with her next year. But then something popped into my head. Do I really want to pay almost $600 to run a marathon? I’ve already paid $272 (not including $36 for the last three years I put my name into the lottery). Deferring means I would have to pay the same fee next year. Seriously?!? I don’t know.

Courtney then proceeded to say that she doubts she’ll be doing that marathon again. In fact, she added that she may lay off marathons for awhile. She said that while she still loves running, she’s not really sure if she wants to train for marathons anymore. She’s done Boston, NY and a string of marathons and has even considered trying to qualify for Boston again, but really, her heart was not into even this 20-mile run. Just leaving baby Ava that morning for her was difficult. The commitment is just too much to balance. I have to tell you, I agree with her 100% and I don’t know how other runners do it (and with more than one baby). She works in the city 3x a week and 2x nearby. How do mothers with full-time jobs and newborns manage?

I don’t ask much of Pedro. Just ONE day out of the week so I could do my long runs. I know I shouldn’t feel guilty. And boy, I miss Lili when I’m out there. I’m gone for at least 4-5 hours and I’m so looking forward to walking into the house to see her chubby cheeks and smile.

So what’s my plan? I am running Vermont for sure and I am not deferring NYC. I’ve already paid for it and really, I want to run it at least once. I even have every intention of running it if I’m pregnant with #2. Hey, that girl that ran Chicago 9 months pregnant was just fine, AND I know the spectators in NYC are awesome. So I’m not worried. On top of that, my OB/GYN already gave me the okay to run it if I were pregnant — yes, we discussed this topic when I signed up. The only major downfall to training for this marathon is that it’s a fall marathon — so a lot of training will be in the heat. The second downfall, I will most likely be doing my long runs solo. Well, maybe not. My sister is running the Marines Corp. Marathon in October. So maybe I will be joining her for a good bulk of the long runs.

After NYC, I might just stick to shorter distances also and some half marathons. I mean, I am barely making it with one baby. Add on another baby and working full-time?!? Well, I’m not sure if it’s feasible. I then tossed the idea of having a third baby and Pedro gave me the stank eye. THREE BABIES?!? I want a big family. Can you blame me?!?

Anyhow, two days in a row, but is this crazy or what?

Sesame Street Letter of the Day, "R"

I turned to see what Lili was doing and, well, this is what I found.

Watch out Harvard. HA!

Okay, well, I’ve got 9-miles to run solo tomorrow before work, and, uh, work starts at 7AM. I’m thinking I’ll start at 3AM so that I could be done before 5. Lili might wake up and I’ll need to take care of business. Wish me luck.

What’s everyone else running tomorrow (or what workout do you have going on?)?


2 thoughts on “Balancing it out

  1. Balance is SO HARD to achieve when you work and have children. I don’t know how people do it with more than one baby. I already feel completely stretched thin with fitting in working out, working, being with Cayden, and being a wife. Oh, and being a maid and a cook too. I don’t know how you do those long runs anyway. You are amazing! That said, I have to agree with both you and Courtney–it is too hard to be away from our babies for that long. I think running Vermont and NYC would be wonderful experiences for you but honestly? If it were me, I would lay off the long races while Lili (and however many future babies) are young. They are only young once and you don’t want to miss more than you have to miss. I know you love running but just think of this as a rest from long races. You can still run but just put the marathons on hold until your babies are older. Then, they will get to be involved in their own things and you will have time for yourself again. Just my thoughts on it. Don’t give it up, of course, just change up what you will do. πŸ™‚

    Too funny that Pedro reacted that way to a third baby. I bet he will want more after you have Baby #2. Especially since Lili is apparently brilliant!!! πŸ™‚

    Good luck with your run—I have worked out at 3 am on more than one occasion so you can do it. Yes, it seems crazy but you do what you have to do. πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend and I will send some pics of Cayden. πŸ™‚

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