Baby Fun

5:30 AM: Tracey Anderson’s Metamorphosis – COMPLETED

I was up this morning with a very important appointment, hence, our long run is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Of course, I didn’t plan it out too well, since we spring ahead this evening. Whoops. Oh well. I spoke to the girls and they said either first thing in the morning or after 1 was good for a run, but we all felt the same. It’s always so much better to get the run in the morning rather than to let the whole day slip away. If it were a Saturday, then I might consider it. Especially because it’s supposed to be pretty warm tomorrow afternoon (high of 61). At least I’ll be home by noon (hopefully) and we can take Lili to the park.

Getting back to this morning. I got home after 10 with breakfast. Lili was taking a nap, but shortly after, she woke up. I was so excited to see her, and earlier this morning, I noticed that her two bottom teeth are coming in. Hooray. Pedro showered and we were naturally running late for Lili’s music activity class. We were doing a trial to see whether we liked the place. Since Lili goes to her grandparents during the week, we thought that it would be nice for her to be exposed to other babies her age. I mean, she’s with her 2 1/2 year old cousin during the week, but it’s not really the same.

The teacher was so nice!

Lili had so much fun!!! Pedro and I had a quick discussion in the car on whether we will sign her up for additional classes. We decided that we want to sign her up. It’s good for her to be around kids her age. There were about 10 other babies in class and some were crawling (ages 6-10 months) and Lili started crawling a bit just from watching them. I suggested that perhaps it will help her with skills and milestones. Who knows?!?! Also, she was having a blast.

We got home and I fed her some yummy food. Then, her and I went down for a nap. I was down for 2-hours (even though I wanted to do laundry…) and she was down for almost 3-hours. Then we played, ate some more, gave her a bath and she played with papa while I did the food shopping. Of course, I spent $180 (I am terrible and could NEVER be on Extreme Couponers). I came home, put her down to bed, washed the dishes and cleaned up her play area.

Oy, it’s 10:00 PM and I have no clue why I’m still up. Fortunately, my running clothes are all laid out, my Garmin is charged, I’ve got my GU ready, and my coffee is set. Wake-up time is 5:30 and 20-miles is on tap. Let’s hope it goes well. Update tomorrow.

Anyone else have beautiful weather this weekend? It was a bit nippy, but pretty nice. I can’t complain.

I’m tired… so I’m gonna hit the hay after I Draw Something. I’m feeling sleepy though… just like this girl.

Pedro says she looks like an addition to The Beatles. My father says her hair is more Justin Bieber-like. HA.


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