Bad Mama?

6:00 AM: 5-Mile Run (Avg. Pace 9:00 min/mi) – COMPLETED

What a weekend!!! First, recap of last week’s training.

Marathon Training Week #6

Monday: Weight Training
Tuesday: Totally Ripped Core + 3-Mile Run
Wednesday: Weight Training
Thursday: 6-Mile Run
Friday: The Bar Method
Saturday: 18-Mile Run
Sunday: 3-Mile Recovery Run

I had a pretty good workout schedule last week. Enter this week, well, it’s been okay so far. I did get a Bar Method workout yesterday. My legs are feeling pretty damn good, too. So no major complaints. Unfortunately, our Lili got a bit sick Sunday morning. What a morning it was. We had all these plans; go for a family walk, eat out at our favorite Spanish restaurant, stop at the thrift store. Her fever got up to 102 yesterday and we had to take the stinker to the doctor’s office.

Sick Baby

Seriously, I feel like she’s sick every other week and then I think, is it my fault?!? Here’s something to think about though. Lili is NOT in daycare. We have the luxury of having both my parents and Pedro’s parents watch her during the work week. So yeah, it’s not just babies in daycare that get sick. It’s all babies in general!!!! Anyway, I started to feel guilty; like it was my fault. Am I doing something wrong here? Since November, she’s been getting sick. It just doesn’t add up. I know babies are supposed to get sick so they can build up their immune system, but this is just getting ridiculous. I know I shouldn’t blame myself for her getting sick. I just hope this is the last straw of her getting sick — at least for a lonnnnnnnng time.

On a more happier note, I got to do two things that I enjoy doing this past week.

1. Frozen Yogurt. Okay, I haven’t had frozen yogurt since the local TCBY in town caught on fire.

Goodbye, Frozen Yogurt

So, that was in 2003. Yes, it’s true, I haven’t had frozen yogurt in almost 10-years. I used to love getting free samples.

Since I was getting a mani in town, and since the salon is near Red Mango, I decided, why the heck don’t I stop in. Now, I’m a newbie to the Froyo world.

Red Mango

So a lot has changed in almost 10-years. YES, A LOT!!!! I walked in looking like a freaking idiot.

What the?!#!@

I was a little embarrassed that I needed a tutorial. But whatever. I’m sure there are a lot of people that have no clue how to use this machinery. (Yes, I’m telling myself this to make myself feel better so just play along).

Mani + Froyo = Perfect Rainy Day Weather

My take on it? It’s fun making your own yogurt. The problem is, I’m so indecisive. I’d rather have someone just get my yogurt for me. The toppings… Oh my. I can’t decide… I almost didn’t get any toppings but the girl working there was very, “Are you sure?” So, the indecisive girl that I am, she pretty much chose the toppings for me. Granola. LOL

As for taste. It was good. I think I like TCBY better though.

2. Music. When Pedro and I first started dating, we’d spend hours in his room listening to music. He still had his turntables and we’ve kept one out after Lili was born. We had to put the other in storage until we have a bigger place.

We don’t listen to records as much as we would like to, but I went thrift shopping last Friday and bought a few vinyls. Oh yeah… Who can beat $1.61?

Lisa Lisa

It was a great Saturday, before the little one got sick. Poor girl.

Anyone else still have their turntables? We love ours, but we also forgot, we can’t fast forward or rewind a song. HA.


One thought on “Bad Mama?

  1. wow – all 5 of your posts came through at once! ha ha, i totally understand your fro yo conumdrum! those self-serve places are popping up everywhere and they are dangerous (hello, humungous amount of fro yo and toppings)!

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