Childhood Friends and their Babies…

6:30 AM: The Bar Method (50%) – COMPLETED

I took it pretty easy today since we have an 18-mile run on tap tomorrow. Please pray that Pedro will be able to handle watching her from 6:30-11:30. I mean, he’s been alone with her before, but this is the earliest he’ll have to watch her. I gave he a breakdown of her schedule though:

5-6AM: Wakes up for a “small” feeding. After she feeds, I put her in her playpen and she entertains herself.
6:30-45: She poops. Change her and then play a bit.
7:30: Feed again.
7:50: Play on floor.
8-9: Gets ready for a nap.

So, hopefully she’ll be kind to him and nap for 2-hours in the morning.

My shin is feeling so much better. I don’t know what that was the other day, but I’m glad it was just temporary. I did a lot of stretching and massaging. I’m not sure if I’m mentally ready for this 18-mile run. I need fuel up tonight and lay out my clothes.

Yesterday night, I met up with my girlfriend Krista who had a baby almost a month ago. I hadn’t seen her since December. Since Lili and I both got sick, I wanted to wait until we were 100% better to visit. I was so excited to meet the latest addition to their family and Isabelle Josephine was just cute as a button.

Isabelle Josephine & Aunt Rachel

Lili was so “curious” with Isabelle. But thankfully she was a good girl (minus the initial slap on the face she gave to the baby… Embarrassing!).

Beautiful Mommy & Isabelle

Fun Fact: Lili and Isabelle are the same amount of months apart as their mommies. Let’s hope they’ll be just as close growing up as we both were.

Confessions: I’m ready for another baby. Seeing Isabelle and seeing Lili so curious with the baby made me get all bubbly inside. Ahhhh… Don’t worry. It’s not happening any time soon. I’ve got so many races coming up, it’s just not practical to be pregnant right now!

How many years apart would you want your babies to be? Or do you just want one? My sister only wants one and one she has. Sometimes it’s enough for a family.


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