4:50 AM: 6-Mile Run (w/ hill work) – COMPLETED

Yes, it’s true. I had 8-hours of sleep last night. So, I better not pull this today.

Meanwhile, I’m procrastinating at work and my desk looks like this:

When my boss asks if I have the “so-and-so” file, I’ll have to say, “I’m right on top of it Rose!” (Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead). Instead I’ve been blogging, FB-ing, Pinning thing on my wall… you name it, I’m doing it. Everything BUT working. HA.

Yesterday, I had Lili working on her skills…

Hmm... where does this shape fit into?

At one point, she had enough…

Please mommy... Enough!

I got the point and let her be…

Running news: Shin felt okay while I was running. It’s when I’m walking that I can feel something off. I know I definitely need new running shoes, so I’m going to stop at the running store tomorrow to pick up a new pair so I can use them on Saturday’s 18-mile run.

The rest of the weekend will be a family weekend at home. Lili’s feeling much better, so maybe we can go out to our favorite Spanish restaurant that we’ve been holding off for nearly a month. Guess we’ll see.

Anyone else have plans on there 3-day weekend??? (Well, if you have a 3-day weekend, that is).


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