Family Night

5:50 AM: Jackie Warner’s 30-Day Workout – COMPLETED

Pedro and I were never big on Valentine’s Day. It’s just a regular day to us to be quite frank. He did want to cook us dinner, but that changed once Lili and I got home. We were too preoccupied enjoying her company and she was having too much fun opening up gifts from us. It’s her first Valentine’s Day, so we should be celebrating with her at the very least.

Gift from Papa

Yesterday on my run, I made sure to map it out so I ended up at this toy store in town. Every single time I run past this store, I tell myself that I should stop in there. Yesterday was the day and I am glad I did. The woman there is super friendly and there are so many neat toys and books. She even wrapped it in pretty hearts wrapping papers with a cute bow. I had to power-walk the rest of the way back to the office, but it was certainly worth it.

Another gift, for moi???

So excited.

I'm learning my geometric shapes.

Such great pictures. Of course, we need one with mommy.

Better than any Rose on Valentine's Day... Our Lili.

Onto Training news: We’re back to running 18-miles on Saturday. Courtney asked to have it moved to Sunday but then emailed again saying she could do Saturday. I’m glad it’s Saturday because we’re off on Monday. Anyone else off on Monday?

Oh, and out of nowhere, as I’m getting out of my car this morning and walking into the office, I felt this nagging pain in my shin. I’m crossing my fingers it’s nothing serious. Any tips on what I should do? I have 6-miles on tap tomorrow and 18 on Saturday, so words of wisdom would be great right about now.

Happy Hump Day.


2 thoughts on “Family Night

  1. I’m not big on Valentine’s Day either & I don’t care for going out or anything & I always tell Ed not to get me something but he does & he got me a Kindle Fire..I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting one…anyway, Lili is too cute! I love seeing pics of her, I can’t get enough of her =) Glad she enjoyed her 1st Vday!!

    • Everyday should be Valentine’s Day. Okay, that’s corny. But yeah, we don’t really care of it, nor do we celebrate… Oh, I’ve heard such great things about the Kindle Fire. Hey, you could log into LS from the Kindle Fire, right? Do you have a lot of books yet?

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