My Funny Valentine

5:45 AM: Bob Harper’s Totally Ripped Core – COMPLETED

11:30 AM: 3-Mile Run – PENDING COMPLETED

Happy First Valentine’s Day to Lili!

Anyone have plans for today? We don’t usually celebrate.

More later… So busy at work!


4 thoughts on “My Funny Valentine

  1. Happy First Valentine’s Day, Lili! She is SO CUTE!

    As you know, we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. It will be a normal day for us too. 🙂

    Have a great day and hope you get less busy.

    Take care, kisses to Lili! XOXO

    • Yes, we’re not big on Valentine’s Day either. It’s just another day that is so hyped up. Restaurants, Hallmark, flower shops, lingerie stores, probably make the most profit that day. Pedro said he went to the supermarket before heading home and all the flowers that were left were brown and all the suckers on line were still buying them. That’s what they get for shopping last minute. HA.

      Lots of kisses to Cayden!

  2. Hello, lovely lady!

    As usual, I’ve been too busy and behind on everything.

    Exciting news… I put an offer in to buy a condo!!! I should hear back today. Cross your fingers for me, it’s the coolest place. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1200 sq feet. You and Lili could come visit!

    I’ll keep you updated.

    Oh, and I’m kind of dating this guy Chris. Kind of. Not sure what’s going on for sure ’cause I’m not sure if he’s interested. Although he said he likes tall, active, smart women. We’ll see… My one friend who has met him twice says that we just seem really compatable. Oh, he’s an Libra. That’s supposed to be good.

    Tuesdays are my volunteering day (I posted a pic of me and the horse on facebook) so nothing special for valentines day.

    Miss you. Love ya.


  3. Kari – So many great things here. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you close on this condo and YES, Lili and I would LOVE to come out to CO. I’ll have to bring my jogging stroller so that we could go on runs with her. Can you send pics of the condo? Are they online?

    Chris??? Tell me more? How did you meet him? When did this happen? Libras and Geminis go very well together. They balance us out because you know we’re all over the place. HAHAHAHH

    I did see that picture — I think at 3 in the morning when Lili woke up. That is so awesome!!!!! I know you’ve been wanting to volunteer for some time now.

    Don’t worry, Valentine’s Day is just an ordinary day for us! ;o) We are not big on celebrating. I’m pretty sure we hardly ever celebrate.

    Miss & Love you too!!!

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