Rule of Thumb

7:50 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

02.04.12: 16-Mile Run – COMPLETED

A few “Runner’s Rules of Thumb”: (Mark Remy’s The Runner’s Rule Book).

#2 If you have to ask yourself, Does this driver see me? The answer is No.

#20 In the real world, cars have the right of way.

Yesterday morning, I met up with Courtney and Emma at 7:30 AM for our 16-mile run. We did the first 8-miles before group met up and then joined everyone at 9:00. We had a HUGE group with new members yesterday. How fun. We ended up getting at the back of the pack but were joined by a few other runners. Around mile 12, a car stopped at a corner and almost ran Courtney, Emma and I over. We were literally inches of getting side-swiped off the curb. Some people… Other than that little incident, I have to say that our run was fabulous. We also had the perfect weather for it. When we finished up our run, we met up with the group for some snacks and drinks. We also socialized for a bit before parting ways. I had to pick up some meds for Pedro and some lunch for the both of us.

Post-run, I was coughing up a storm. Here’s the thing, I was feeling better and not coughing so much. Rule of Thumb:

#22 Sick? If symptoms are above the neck, you can still run.

I still had a bit of a runny nose and like I said, the cough had improved, but Pedro did say that I probably shouldn’t have run because that’s my lungs, below the neck (DUH). I did ask my doctor when I went last Tuesday if I could workout/run and he said yes. Throughout my run, I hardly coughed; post-run, I was feeling that cough. As for my legs, I was definitely a bit sore at first, but by the afternoon, I was feeling great. No pain whatsoever.

So, when I got home, Pedro and I took our meds. I also got to squeeze Lili tight. I seriously miss her during my time away from her. I can’t help it.

Pedro started feeling sick on Thursday and I knew that this might be a problem for me. First of all, he’s already not a morning person and he knew that I was leaving at 7AM on Saturday. I was getting nervous that I might have to cancel my run and that would mean me running 16-miles alone. I’ve done it before, but not in a long time. I think the last time I ran anything over 10-mile by myself was early 2010. Yikes. Lili did wake up quarter after 6, so I was able to feed her, give her a breathing treatment, get formula ready in every room, toys ready for her, extra clothes and eat my breakfast before handing her off to P. I couldn’t stop thinking about the two of them the entire run though. I knew Pedro wasn’t feeling well at all. So, to thank him for watching her while he was sick, I gave him a massage. I also had a recovery run this morning and I wanted to run it with my sister, but I also knew that it wouldn’t be fair to Pedro for having to wake up early twice this weekend when he’s already sick, so I sucked it up and took out the treadmill.

Running at Home

We were just joking around on how our living room is now the lili room. Seriously, she has taken over the living room entirely. All her toys, swinger, jumper, exersaucer, etc.

Updates on our illnesses: Lili still has a slight cough and we are still giving her breathing treatments (just trying to wean her off), Pedro’s feeling somewhat better. He had major sinus pressure but that went away after he took some meds. He still feels congested, but fortunately he does not have the cough that I have. Yes, I still have a lingering cough.

Do you run/workout if you’re’ sick? What’s your rule of thumb?

We’re watching the Superbowl right now. Go Big Blue – Giants! (As the Patriots just scored another TD!).


7 thoughts on “Rule of Thumb

  1. i follow the above the neck, below the neck rule when i’m sick.

    i hate cars when running. i always try and stick to paved trails just to avoid the lunatics on the road (usually on their phone too)!

    glad your 16-miler went well. 16 miles is usually my “oh crap” distance. i have no idea why!

    • Seriously… though I have to say, there are some runners that don’t know what they’re doing when they’re on the road. I’m not a biker, but they scare me when I’m driving. I’ve also had many friends that have gotten hit by a car while biking. You know how they say, “You can never forget how to ride a bike” (okay, that’s not the exact saying, but you know what I’m talking about). Well, I forgot how to ride one and 2001-2002, I was riding one for the first time. I was so afraid of getting hit by a car and stopping. I had to get off the bike, and walk it across the street. HAHAH

      16-miles was tough for me because it was the longest run I was doing since pre-pregnancy. I mean, the last time had to be sometime in 2010. This week’s run is a little weird — it’s a huge step-down week… 8-miles. Then we do 18 next Saturday.

      Hope your training is going well. I’m enjoying reading every minute of it!

  2. I work out when I’m sick no matter what. LOL But, that is probably not always a good idea. I even worked out when I had the flu in October!!! But actually, I did feel better afterward. Granted, it wasn’t my usual all out, push myself as much as possible workout, but it was something and made me feel better.

    I’m happy you did well on your run and didn’t have to run alone. That’s a long way to run alone! And I know it is hard to be away from Lili. I always hate being away from Cayden, even for a little bit!

    • I so remember that time you worked out during the flu. Sometimes, it just makes you feel better. Being stuck on a couch makes me feel worse all the time.

      I can’t wait till marathon training is over and I can run w/ Lili in the jogging stroller. By then it’ll be nice out. BUT then I’ll be training for the NYC Marathon. HAHAHA.

  3. I pretty much workout through anything except a migraine as it builds up the immune system. Over the years I’ve rarely been ill because I now have a strong immune system but there is always an illness that will come along and wipe anyone out for a few days!

    • I agree. I could never workout with a migraine… I jinxed myself when my daughter got sick. I kept saying, “Oh, I’ve got this amazing immune system… no way am I getting sick!” I got it BAD. That’s all I have to say.

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