The Running Logs

6:20 AM: Bob Harper’s Totally Ripped Core – COMPLETED

Happy FREAKING Friday! I just had to get that in there because it has been one hell of a week. I am so happy it’s Friday.

Baby Updates: I had, yet another sleepless evening. At 12:15, Pedro was hovering over me with Lili in arms. He said she couldn’t sleep and asked if she could sleep next to me. Of course I never mind cuddling with her. As soon as she laid beside me, I felt her burning up. So we took her temperature and it was 99.6. We kept monitoring it throughout the night (which meant I was getting up almost every single hour) until 5AM when she woke up for a feeding. I really hope she’s not getting Brochiolitis again. She developing that congested cough. Poor girl. Fortunately, she’s at my parents’ house today and my mom is taking her temp regularly. It’s back down to 98.7. If it goes over 100, I’m going to take her to the doctor’s. I’m going to give her a breathing treatment this evening though.

Running Updates: Courtney ran her 14-miles this morning since she’s taking a weekend trip to VT to visit family. Emma and I are meeting tomorrow for our 14-mile run. She’s mapped out the run for us. A new route for some scenery change. I’m happy. I hate running the same route over and over. It gets boring.

I ended up buying a new running diary when I was at the running store. I bought the same one I had two years ago.

2009 Running Diary

I started reading my notes from 2009. I was actually 3 lbs. heavier and I was seeing a chiropractor. I backed out of Grandma’s Marathon because I had shin splints. I also started P90X.

What method do you use to log in workouts? Do you refer back to old workouts to see what you were doing or how you ran? Nutrition? Weight? Injuries? How fast you were running, etc., etc. etc?

The birthday girl wasn’t feeling too shabby last night so I ended up eating one of her desserts after dinner.

Mini Red Velvet Cupcake

It was okay. I mean, I probably could have eaten a bigger cupcake, especially since I shared that mini one with Pedro. Sometimes you just need a little taste.

Happy Friday, Folks.


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