Inherited Treasures

5:15 AM: Insanity Pure Cardio – COMPLETED

6:20 AM: Bob Harper’s Pure Burn & Strength – COMPLETED

It’s another day that I’m working on 3-hours of broken sleep. I’m not sure if Lili is teething, but she is waking up way too much at night. Even though I keep saying that she was doing wonderfully when she was first born up until she kept getting sick, Pedro reminds me that it was never really consistent. Today was even harder because during my first workout, she would not sit still. If I changed her scenery, she would throw a fit within a minute. I fed her, changed her, fed her, rocked her. It was a workout in itself. Finally, she went down for a good hour and I could workout in peace. Then I woke her up to feed her before dropping her off at my in-laws, and we were best friends again.

It really is difficult to get a straight workout in when you workout at home. The only way I get those workouts are if I’m running outside. I was forewarned that this would happen when I was pregnant, and for the most part, Lili can sit still for a good 35-40 minutes through my workout before needed to be propped in another playful area, but today, she was not having it.

So, I’ve decided for my 6-mile run tomorrow, I will need to map it out for a lunch time run. Hopefully it won’t rain or be too cold. I really need to get an outdoor run in though, especially since we’re scheduled for 14 this Saturday.

If you’re a mom that works out at home, how do you deal with your little one when he/she gets fussy in the middle of your workout? Any tips you would like to share will be most helpful.

Lili is not crawling yet, but she’s definitely getting the right idea. When you put her on her tummy, she’s got her knee and arms in the crawling position. She just needs to push herself off. She is, however, standing on her own pretty well, while holding on to things. (No, she’s not able to get herself to standing, but we’ll stand her up and she’s on her own).

Strong legs

We’ve also been trying to read to Lili every night. I have been reading to her in Spanish so that (1) I can learn to speak it fluently and (2) Lili can learn to speak it fluently. I’m killing two birds with one stone here. You would think that four years of Spanish, I could speak it somewhat fluently, but I don’t remember past and future tense, etc. For Christmas, my MIL gave Lili some Spanish books for me to read to her and all of those books are actually Pedro’s. How wonderful is that for her to have her Papa’s books?

Mickey y los frijoles majicos

It’s Mickey and the Magic Beans a/k/a Jack and the Beanstalk. It’s written pretty funny. Pedro gets a kick out of it.

Funny story, on the back of this book, Pedro wrote a letter to his mom and dad. He was running away from home.

Runaway Letter

It reads: “Dear Mom and Dad. I am running away. I am crying. Love Pedro.”

So sad, but so cute. I love that Lili will have his book and one day she can give it to her own children.

There’s one book I am dying to get for Lili that I had as a kid. I am being very specific too about the book. I want the one with the same cover. When searching for the book, I saw that they changed the front cover. I refuse to buy it. Here’s the one I really want.

Going Up

Just seeing the cover brings back some memories of me being 5-years old in the house I grew up in. I will get this book… I’m just sure I can justify spending so much money on it.

Do you still have books from when you were growing up?


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