To Shake or Not to Shake…

5:50 AM: 5.1-Mile Run – COMPLETED

I was planning to go to group run tonight for 6-miles, but I have to pick up Lili straight after work. My niece is getting over strep and I know having both kids will take a toll on my parents. So I am going to pick her up right after work. Pedro was kind enough to unfold my treadmill last night so all I had to do was put on my clothes. It was COLD this morning, so for the first half of my run I used one of my favorite t-shirts that was given during a race.

Ted Corbitt Race

Here’s the thing, I never ran this race because I was 13-weeks pregnant and was vomiting as soon as I woke up. Also, it was snowing out. It was probably a good choice to not run since the worst thing you could do as a pregnant woman is get yourself sick. But I do love this shirt, so I kept it. Have you ever signed up for a race that you backed out of but kept the race shirt? I mean, you did pay for it, so it’s okay to keep.

Anyway, I got through 1 full mile before Lili woke up. I fed her and then put her into her play-pen to finish up my run. I needed to get through 5 more, but only got 4.1 before she started getting fussy. I also needed to feed her some solids, so I decided to call it quits. I figured, we’ll be running an extra mile on Saturday so I can just tack that mile on then.

Please, no more Squash.

She had green peas and she was happy.

So, I am trying to use my blender as much as I can so that I don’t feel bad about spending the money on it. I need to get my $50 worth, so this morning, I am drinking my protein shake. If I showed you the top of my fridge, you’d laugh hysterically. I have so many protein powders that have been dusting away. In fact, I have to throw all but one out as they have reached their expiration (gulp), some in 2009 to 2011. Oops. I used am a compulsive food shopper. I am trying to be better.

I think it's Good.

I know some people, Allie included, prefer to eat their calories rather than to drink their calories, but what to you all think about protein shakes or smoothies? Yay or Nay?

I do have a lunch bag full of goodies for today.

Do you pack your lunch daily? I religiously packed my lunch for many years, until I got pregnant with Lili. The one perk about my job is that 90% of the time, the attorneys buy our lunch. I started to take advantage of that during my pregnancy and a lot post-pregnancy. Even though I made all this food for the week, you would think I would have packed my lunch all week, but I hate having to walk out of the house with (1) baby in carrier, (2) my HUGE purse; (3) baby’s bag and (4) lunch bag. So if I could avoid carrying one item, it’ll be the lunch bag. I am going to try not to be so lazy and just deal with carrying the extra baggage. You would think that carry all this stuff (including baby) my arms would be JACKED.

It’s almost FRIDAY and you know I am always looking forward to the weekend. Let’s hope this day goes by fast!


4 thoughts on “To Shake or Not to Shake…

  1. Good luck on your journey; those first steps are always the hardest but once you get going, anything is possible. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  2. It is a great race shirt and you look fantastic! Sorry it was cold this morning and that Lili didn’t let you get through all 6 miles. But, you still got in a great run! I hope Lili is enjoying her solid food. Cayden has always loved fruits and veggies and I am very happy about that. Meat? Not so much. LOL But he loves beans, especially black beans, so that’s good.

    Anyway, you know how I feel about protein shakes…I still have some soy protein in my pantry I really need to do something with. I used to put it in my oatmeal and maybe I should start again. LOL Luckily, that’s the only one I have so I don’t have a ton going to waste.

    I do take my lunch every day. I don’t like to eat out or spend the money every day. I just like to eat my own food so I pack my lunch and snacks daily. I walk out of the house with Cayden, his bag for school, my bag with my water bottle and lunch/snack bag plus any work things I need, my purse, and my pump. We seriously look like we are moving each and every day. LOL That said, at least I get another arm work out every time I carry all that stuff in and out! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day and XOXO and kisses to Lili!

  3. you’re right – you paid for the shirt and entry fee, you can wear it!

    i just got into smoothies, although i prefer to eat my calories. but they are so healthy, i can usually kill 2 birds with 1 stone: fruit and veggies.

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