Running on Kawfeee

5:30 AM: Bob Harper’s Totally Ripped Core – COMPLETED

6:20 AM: Jackie Warner’s Xtreme Workout – COMPLETED

I’m going to be drinking lots of coffee this morning. Don’t be fooled by the way I spelled coffee in my title. I know everyone thinks that people in NJ say the word “coffee” with an accent. I don’t think I have one, but then again, whenever I’m out in LA, my cousins are constantly making fun of the way I talk (or tawk). They think I says words like, dog, talk, walk and coffee with a Jersey accent.

Moving on, I’m working on 4 (non-consecutive) hours of sleep here. Fortunately, I’m scooting out of work early (1pm) so that will be nice.

Lili was kind enough to let me cross-train this morning with Bob and Jackie. She slept the entire time. Usually, she’s awake and if I’m on the treadmill, she’s more patient with me than if I’m doing a workout DVD. Yesterday, she was looking under the hood of her walker.

Everything seems to be in order here.

FYI, I was in the middle of my run when I took this picture. I thought it was too cute.

Yesterday was also the first time that I used my Ninja. It’s so freaking simple to use and easy to clean.

A pineapple smoothie. It was good. I’m ready to try some other smoothies.

On another note, Lili had a surprise visitor on Friday afternoon.

Auntie Shady

It’s always nice to have a visitor when she’s actually AWAKE! We try to keep her up later but that’s not working. She’s cranky by 7 because she wants to be put down in her crib.

My girlfriend is getting induced tonight and hopefully tomorrow her baby girl will be here. What kind of gifts do you bring when you visit in the hospital? I was thinking, some sort of dessert? I feel like flowers are better when you send them to their home. Otherwise, you have so many things to take home.


4 thoughts on “Running on Kawfeee

  1. I know the feeling…coffee is totally my friend. LOL I am looking forward to seeing if you do have an accent! LOL I know we do….Justin really has a Texas accent. Since I’m originally from New Mexico, I don’t have much of one but certain words do sound different depending on where you are from.

    Cute, cute pic of Lili. I’m happy she let you cross-train this morning. Cayden is not at all patient if he is awake during my work outs so I try really, really hard to keep him asleep if I can. 🙂

    So glad you like your ninja and the smoothie was good.

    I think desserts are always nice to take to the hospital. Flowers are hard to transport home so food is always a lot easier (and a welcome change from what they are eating at the hospital). Good luck to your friend! I hope her labor goes well and everyone stays nice and healthy.

    XOXO Kisses to Lili.

  2. I can’t wait to hear your accents!!!! ;o) I never asked you, but what kind of music do you listen to?

    Okay, I’m still waiting to hear if my girlfriend had her baby. I’ll let you know when it happens!!! And I think I will definitely get her dessert!!!

  3. I hope she had her baby and everyone is doing well!

    As for music, we listen to a wide variety. Mostly rock/pop like Katy Perry, Adele, Lady Antebellum, Lady Gaga etc. But, I have recently found the group Celtic Woman and they are awesome! We also listen to country here and there (although much less now than before), music from the 80’s and 90’s (ah, nostalgia LOL) and increasingly, tunes from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Ha!

    What about you?

  4. Thanks for the comment… They place the clocks in front of the treadmill to purposely torture it’s users… As much as you try to avoid them, you have to take a quickl glance and it makes time drag on


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