A Cold Run

8:30 AM: 11.6-Mile Run – COMPLETED

I’ve been meaning to get this entry out since earlier this evening, but then I had some IT issues and the original entry was swiped. Boy was I pissed. Let’s see if I could recap what I wrote earlier.

Last night I finally got some much needed sleep. With an earlier dinner and sleepy baby, I was able to hit the hay by 7:45. Yes, I know, that’s pretty earlier. I was even able to lay out all my running clothes the night before. I heard Lili stirring up a cry at 5AM, so I got up, used the bathroom and then went into check on her only to find that she was repositioning herself and was back to sleep. I had more than 9-hours of sleep, so I got the coffee brewing and put a load of laundry in the wash. I folded the load I left in the night before and put the other in the dryer. I washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen and the living room and put another load of laundry in the wash. By this time, Lili was wide-awake in her crib. I changed her, fed her and then played for a bit. She went into her play-pen while I folded the last of the laundry and then I got her ready to go to her grandfather’s for the morning. Out the door by 7:45 and over to the park to meet the gals.

It was 33-degrees with a windchill of 17. COLD… We did the first 2-miles before meeting with the group. It was a rather smaller group today and my OB/GYN wasn’t around as she’s in Houston for the marathon. How exciting. We didn’t chit chat long as a group because it was cold. During our 3-mile run through the trail, there were 8 of us that pretty much ran it together. When we got out of the park, two went way ahead of us and then the rest of the group that was doing the regular 8-miles went on while Emma, Courtney and I needed to tack on extra 2-miles turned onto another road. Another girl that needed to do an extra 2 came our way. She’s training for Boston. Unfortunately, when Emma mapped out our run, she didn’t realize that one long loop was actually someone’s driveway. We came up a mile short at the end, but tried to make it up. We came up with only an extra .6 and called it a day. The parking lot seemed dead to me because usually after group, we all meet in the middle of the lot for coffee and food. I didn’t realize that in the winter, they meet in the hut. It’s like this big outdoor gazebo but nicer and it has a fireplace.

Courtney warming up her bum.

I love this group of runners. I’m so glad to be a part of this running community. I enjoyed a yummy chocolate covered Godiva pretzel. Mmmmmm…

Courtney, Me & Emma

I didn’t hang out too long because my fingers felt numb. I headed out to pick up breakfast/lunch for Pedro and I and then scooped up Lili at her grandfather’s. I was SOOOOOO cold. I got home, showered and ate. Then Lili and I took a nap. I was so tired. We still had dinner for my sister’s birthday. I’ll post more on that later.

What’s your favorite post-exercise treat? All through my run, I kept thinking of chocolate, and chocolate is what I had. Even if just a little piece. It was divine.


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